• APEX CHAMBER OF COMMERCE YOUTH LEADERSHIP 2021-2022  (click here to complete the online application)

    Apex Chamber of Commerce Youth Leadership is a program developed for juniors (you must be in 11th grade to apply!) in high school that is designed to focus on developing the potential of future leaders. The program covers a wide variety of topics that will help participants understand critical parts of how businesses, communities, and individuals work together. This understanding and knowledge will put students in a position to make a difference and be a true leader as they face the future. The program will consist of 6 mini half-day field trips throughout the school year for teambuilding, town leadership, business tours, and community service. Through the application and interview process: 14 students will be invited to participate in the program. There will be 14 students from Apex High, and 14 students from Apex Friendship High for 28 in total.  The application is due by September 16, 2021 at 12:00 pm!  (click here to complete the online application)

    Trip Dates:
    Virtual Interviews - Sept 20 at Apex High - Sept 23 at Apex Friendship High
    October 22nd – Team Building – Kraft Family YMCA
    November 19th – Apex Police and Fire Department
    December 17th – Mayor and Town Leadership Day
    February 11th – Business Tours – Citadel Contractors and Chamber of Commerce
    March 12th – Community Service Day – 5K/10K Volunteers
    April 1st – Graduation for Program at Apex Town Council