Student Schedules for 2019- 2020

    Please understand that we are continuing to finalize our master schedule for the 2019- 2020 school year. As new students continue to enroll, as we work to ensure that students are on course for graduation, and as we review academic data from last year to ensure students are placed appropriately in courses that move them towards their post-secondary goals, schedules continue to change and are updated. 
    Final schedules will be made available in PowerSchool beginning at 9:00 a.m. on Monday, August 12th.  
    If students would like to request a schedule change, Schedule Change forms can be submitted in the Student Services office beginning August 12th.  The Schedule Change form is linked below and available in the Student Services office. Only requests completed on the Schedule Change form will be reviewed (No email or phone request will be accepted).  

    All completed Schedule Change forms must be submitted to the Student Services office by Tuesday, August 20th, at 2:30 PM


    Schedule adjustments will be considered for the following reasons during the Schedule Change process:

    • Enrolled in a course you have already completed and received credit.
    • Enrolled in a course for which you have not met the prerequisite
    • Do not have a full schedule of 4 classes each Semester.
    • Want to move up/drop down a level in a core class (Must have signed a Release form if dropping Honors/AP course).
    • Course needed for promotion and/or graduation


    Schedule Change Request Form

    Class of 2020 Mid-Year Graduation and Early Dismissal/Late Arrival

    Senior, if you are interested in Graduating Mid-Year or would like to apply for Early Dismissal/Late Arrival for the 2019-20 school year forms are available on-line or in the Student Services office.  The appropriate forms must be completed and return to the Student Services office by 2:30 PM on August 20th.


    Midyear Graduation Form

    Early Dismissal/Late Arrival Request Form