Creating a link between School and Community

  • The Wakefield Business Alliance is a collaboration of business, community, and school leaders committed to educating each student to be a responsible and productive citizen. Our mission is to create a link between our business community and our school community. Through this connection, business partners can enhance the School-to-Career transition of every student, as they become responsible, productive citizens and leaders within the community.
    The immediate result of this partnership is to help prepare every student to make responsible, productive career choices, by assisting with school-based and work-based activities. The end result is preparing students for a career of their choice, ultimately benefiting the employers within the community. Our future workforce needs YOU!

    Why Sign Up?
    1. It is FREE! There is no cost to join our business alliance. Your level of involvement is entirely up to you
    2. Community Involvement— Getting involved in local school activities is a great way to be involved in your community.
    3. Business Recognition— Show the Wakefield community that your business gives back.
    4. Preparing Future Leaders— What do you want the future to look like? Be a part of the development of our future leaders!
    Some examples of career-based alliance activities include:
    • Career fairs
    • Guest speaking
    • Practice job interviews
    • Field trips/site tours
    • Job Shadow
    • Day Internship
    • Resume reviews 
    In addition to direct participation, the networking ability of our business leaders allows the alliance initiative to tap an extensive resource of talented individuals to which students would not otherwise have access.