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    The gifted and talented magnet school program is founded on the belief that all students possess gifts and talents that need to be identified, nurtured, and rewarded. It is the responsibility of educators and parents to identify these gifts and talents and to provide an educational program that develops them.  Because the gifted and talented magnet school addresses the gifts and talents of all children, there are no performance measures, auditions, or tests that need to be passed before a child is accepted into the school.  Some children may have gifts and talents in one or two areas, others, in a wider variety of areas.  The gifted and talented magnet school is open to any child whose parents would like for him/her to participate in the program.

     The philosophy of the gifted and talented magnet school is put into effect through the structure of the curriculum and through instructional techniques.  The curriculum design advocates a “choice” model for students and parents.  It provides them with options and alternatives for learning and is designed to accommodate varying types of gifts, talents, strengths, needs, and interests.

    Electives provide an opportunity to explore and sample different subjects. Students are urged to consider building a well-balanced schedule. Over the course of one year, students are encouraged to select at least one language arts and one math elective.

     Most of the elective courses are appropriate for any student willing to learn and be exposed to new situations.  These courses are highly motivational and give students the opportunity to study selected subjects.


    AIG selected electives are open to students with outstanding strengths in one or more areas.  Nomination for these courses may be made in several ways.  All identified academically gifted students may take AIG selected academic electives.  Others may be nominated by parents or teachers and screened for admission.




     Language Arts


     AUTHOR! AUTHOR!                                                                                                                                                    

    Within every child there are stories of value.  In this course students will become young authors as they delight in writing, illustrating, and making their own books.  Stories will be shared with other students.


     AUTHORS IN THE MAKING – LEGO NARRATIVE BUILDER                                                                            

      LEGOS are EVERYTHING AWESOME!  Explore the enormous collection of LEGO’s through writing and be inspired!  Imagine building fantastical storyboards to learn how to SHOW NOT TELL.  Learn the writing process with a fun twist using LEGO Fairy Tales, LEGO Space and LEGO Communities expansion kits.   Build-up the story elements, character, setting, action and problem-solution brick by brick.


     AWESOME ARTISTIC AUTHORS                                                                                                                             

    Students will have the opportunity to make, illustrate, and write their own books. The books will highlight art skills and concepts, famous artists from around the world, and cultural diversity as well as commonalities. While integrating the two disciplines of visual art and language arts, instruction will enable students to create a variety of exciting publications of their own.


     BEGINNING WRITING EXPERIENCES - AIG                                                                                                        

    In this introductory creative writing course, students develop writing skills by correlating vocabulary development, grammar, writing mechanics, and sentence composition. This course will progress from vocabulary to paragraph development.


     BEST OF THE BEST K-2 - AIG                                                                                                                                  

    Students will be introduced to books by award-winning authors and illustrators.  Among the Caldecott, Kate Greenaway, or ALA Notable Book winners they will find stories that delight and fascinate them.  Their enjoyment will be shared with others through activities such as read-alongs and dramatizations.


     BLOSSOMING WITH BOOKS                                                                                                                                     

    Do you love to read?  This elective will expose students to a variety of authors, genres, and writing styles.  When students are engaged in a meaningful book study, they realize that an author’s words are interesting and powerful.  In turn, they will recognize they too have the power to make their own words exciting and meaningful.  Are you ready to blossom with books?


     BLUE RIBBON BOOKS                                                                                                                                               

    There is no better way to motivate students to read than to supply them with great literature that is enjoyed by kids everywhere. This course will allow students to explore many types of prize-winning literature. This elective will provide an opportunity for students to choose their own reading material and communicate their experiences with the other members of the class.


    BUILDING READERS (K)                                                                                                               

    Ready…Set…Go…We’re off on an exciting adventure!  In this eighteen week course designed for pre-emergent readers, kindergarten students will explore basic curriculum concepts through social interaction and hands on learning.  Activities will include puppets, manipulatives, cooking, literature immersion, and projects with an emphasis on learning the alphabet and basic print concepts. Come along with us as we depart on this exciting adventure, and build your skills along the way! Teacher recommendation is required for this course.


    CURIOUS CREATURES                                                                                                                                               

    This course will help students develop their reading and writing skills through the study of Curious Creatures.  Various types of literature and several types of writing will be explored throughout the course.  Science and social studies content will be incorporated through activities that focus on life science, science process skills, and the themes of geography.  Students will use research skills developed throughout the course to prepare an animal report as a conclusion to their course work.


    FAIRY TALES - AIG                                                                                                                                                      

    The purpose of this course is to acquaint students with a variety of fairy tales.  Discussion, role-play, reading, viewing, listening, research, and writing activities are used to explore this magical kingdom.  Emphasis is placed on the origin and elements of fairy tales.


    FAIRY TALES AND FABLES                                                                                                                                      

    This course will offer an in-depth look at a variety of fairy tales and fables. Students will participate in enriching activities that will enhance the stories as well as help students work towards an understanding of two of the oldest children’s literary forms.



    Calling all students!  Have you ever wondered about how the FBI works? Grab your credentials and flip notebooks and become an FBI agent for our school.  In this elective you will learn how to take fingerprints and use them to figure out who robbed the safe. Chromatology will be used to figure out the type of pen used in a ransom note as we investigate, “The Case of the Missing Cold Remedy.” You will then put all of these skills together and work with a team of agents to solve the mystery of the “Missing Statue.” 


    I’VE GOT CHARACTER!                                                                                                                                              

    This course will allow students opportunities to explore, in depth, through literature, the eight character traits: Responsibility, Respect, Courage, Kindness, Self-discipline, Integrity, Perseverance, and Good Judgment, and learn ways to apply them to their everyday living. The students will engage in activities that develop communication skills such as listening, reading, speaking, observing, illustration, writing, and brainstorming while developing their awareness of the eight character traits. The elective will culminate in the creation, development, and production of a Character Trait Newsletter to be distributed throughout the school



    Students will read and discuss such challenging stories as The Happy Prince, Aesop’s Fables, Rudyard Kipling's Just-So Stories and The Red Balloon. Creative activities will follow each interpretive discussion.


    LISTEN AND READ ALONG                                                                                                                                        

    LISTEN AND READ ALONG provides the emergent reader with opportunities to develop good listening and reading skills through participation in language experiences. Students will be engaged in activities that develop all types of communication skills: listening, speaking, illustration, and writing.  Emphasis will be placed on print meaning.  Students will be introduced to different reading strategies to gain control of print, and develop an understanding that print conveys meaning.  Selecting and appreciating literature from a variety of genres will also be a major focus of this course.  Come listen and read along!


    LITERARY STYLES: POETRY - AIG                                                                                                                        

    Appreciation grows with exposure to poetry. This course is designed for gifted students or high-ability learners with high verbal skills, and for students who display a keen interest in poetry and an inclination towards creative writing. Students will write a variety of poetry forms, rhythmical patterning, incorporating similes, and metaphors. Culminating activities include conducting poetry readings for younger children, publishing a class anthology of students, poems with illustrations, and/or making a multimedia presentation to be shared with parents.



    Can you believe everything you see in those commercials?  We live in a sea of advertising.  It’s everywhere we look.  Students in this elective will have a chance to learn about persuasive techniques and judge the validity of products and services in an effort to become independent, well-informed consumers. 


    NARNIA - AIG                                                                                                                                                                

    The first of seven enchanting books, THE LION, THE WITCH, AND THE WARDROBE, will be the basis for this course. The author, plot, setting, and major themes will be explored. This elective will combine both reading and creative writing experiences.


    PATTERN DETECTORS & DECODERS                                                                                                                   

    Spelling and reading big words is a great accomplishment for young learners. This active, hands-on elective will involve students in analyzing words and manipulating words. Through these hands-on activities, students learn to recognize and spell many big words. A beginning exploration of Latin and Greek roots and affixes will help students understand the meaning of unfamiliar vocabulary as well. As a result, students will become better writers and readers.


    PLAY WRITING                                                                                                                                                            

    Imagination! That is what this course will require from young writers! Students will learn to organize their thoughts into writing. Are you the next Neil Simon? Samuel Beckett?? Sign up and find out! As they create their own plays, they will develop characters from fantasy, present day, historical, or futuristic settings.


    PUPPET PLAY                                                                                                                                                               

    Are you a character?  Do you like creating?  This is the course for you!  Puppet Play is a creative exploration into puppetry.  Students will learn and create various types of puppets, such as hand, rod, string, shadow, and more.  This course incorporates literacy skills, reading, writing, speaking and listening, to develop and personalize puppet characters for entertaining while developing life skills of critical thinking, communication, cooperation and creative expression. 


    READING LADDERS                                                                                                                                                    

    This eighteen week course is especially designed for students in first grade who are struggling with literacy development. Small group size will allow children more individualized attention. The students will be involved in modeled, shared, guided, and independent reading activities on a daily basis. Students in this course should be recommended by their teachers.


    ROOFTOP READERS (2)                                                                                                                                            

    This course is especially designed for students in second grade who would benefit from reading support.  Students in this eighteen week elective will receive small group reading instruction designed to move them to the next level in reading.  Every day students will participate in Shared Reading, Literacy Activities, Guided Reading, and Read Aloud. Students in this course should be recommended by their teachers.


    READER’S THEATER                                                                                                                         

    This course will teach oral interpretation of literature. Students will analyze literature as to the author’s purpose, point of view, and setting. The analyzed work will then be read to an audience. Techniques of formal critical analysis will be developed. A world of words and images will be opened. This course stretches the imagination and develops intuitive dimensions by making new connections between words and feelings.


    READING THE WORLD: BELIEVE IT OR NOT!                                                                                                     

    Our world can be a “tricky place to read”. There are hidden messages surrounding us held within literature, television commercials, advertisements and so much more. It is essential that students have the reading skills to be critical thinkers and problem solvers in order to make responsible choices and come to logical conclusions. Reading the World: Believe it or Not? is a hands-on course that does just that! Students will have the opportunity to interact with engaging online activities, literature, classroom games and projects to teach the art of persuasion. Get ready to crack the code for “Reading Our World”!


    SENSATIONAL SAGAS                                                                                                                                                

    Enter the world of fabulous folktales! Students will strengthen both their receptive and expressive literacy skills as they begin to understand and appreciate the three unique types of folktales. Fairy Tales, Fables, and Myths will be shared, created, compared and contrasted in this literacy rich elective. Students will be engaged in and enjoy the art of the written and spoken “story”.


    SIGN LANGUAGE K-2                                                                                                                                                  

    Students will be taught the concept of using sign language as an alternative form of communication.  Finger spelling and signing of familiar words and terms will be emphasized.  Students will use their hands and eyes to "speak" and "listen" to others.


    SOAR TO SUCCESS: GRADE 3                                                                                                                                  

    The primary goal of this eighteen week elective is to raise third students reading ability to grade level or above and to help them learn and apply reading strategies (predicting, clarifying, questioning, and summarizing) across the curriculum. Teacher recommendation is required to take this course.


    SOAR TO SUCCESS: GRADE 4                                                                                                                                  

    The primary goal of this eighteen week elective is to raise fourth students reading ability to grade level or above and to help them learn and apply reading strategies (predicting, clarifying, questioning, and summarizing) across the curriculum. Teacher recommendation is required to take this course.


    SOAR TO SUCCESS: GRADE 5                                                                                                                                  

    The primary goal of this eighteen week elective is to raise fifth students reading ability to grade level or above and to help them learn and apply reading strategies (predicting, clarifying, questioning, and summarizing) across the curriculum. Teacher recommendation is required to take this course.


    SPORTS FEVER                                                                                                                                                             

    So it’s 1,2,3 strikes you’re out at the old ball game!  Touchdown! Score! Goal!  Are you a sports fan?  If so, this is the course for you.  In this course, you will read a variety of literature that focuses on sports and athletes.  Students will explore the role of sports in the United States and around the world, and how the sports we watch and play shape our identity, culture, and society. 


    STORYTELLING 3-5                                                                                                                                                    

    The primary purpose of this course is to develop lifelong enrichment and personal enjoyment in storytelling.  Students will participate in an art form as old as language itself. They will be taught the skills to become storytellers through practicing the techniques and strategies used by professional storytellers. Folk tales, hero stories, epics, legends, and original stories will be shared through storytelling sessions.  Students will focus on the elements of a story while reading, viewing, and listening to various types of tales.  They will be encouraged to retell these stories in their own words using various prompts such as flannel boards, puppets, pictures, and the like using appropriate voice control and expression.  Students will remain actively involved as they apply skills in reading, writing, speaking, and critical thinking to create and present their own stories.


    TALK ABOUT IT! BOOK CLUB                                                                                                                                 

    Join the club!

    During this elective, students will have the opportunity to select from and read a variety of novels. This book club allows opportunities to read novels and participate in small group seminars/discussions. Follow-up extension projects will be generated through the use of computers, songs, advertisements, literature circles, Paideia seminars, and other book enrichment choices. Students will present their book projects creatively and participate in the development of a collection of book reviews for the school library.


    THINKING POWER - AIG                                                                                                                                           

    Thought processes can be sharpened through directed practice.  Students in this course will participate in activities to develop skills such as comparing, classifying, interpreting, and summarizing.  Thinking Power is a language arts course designed to spark thinking in a variety of ways, encouraging problem solving and creativity. Planned activities incorporate the multiple intelligences observed in human thought processing. Students will participate in activities designed to address their areas of strength and to develop areas that need improvement. 




    Social Studies



    Do you know where China is? What about Spain? Want to learn how to speak other languages? Love to cook and try new foods from around the world? This elective will take you on a journey using atlases, computers, cooking and literature to teach you about some of the places in our world.



    Students will look at life in Africa.  They will gain an understanding about the land, the people, and their way of life.  Students will be able to compare/contrast their way of life with an African child’s.  They will learn that they share their family life, parents’ love, relationships, friendships with other children, and excitement of trips and games. 


    AROUND THE WORLD IN 30 DAYS - AIG                                                                                                            

    Geography and map skills will be practiced as we travel the globe. Research skills will be used to learn about the countries of the world. Booklets or computer databases will be used to compile basic facts about the countries studied.


    CABINS TO CASTLES                                                                                                                                                  

    Students will study the different kinds of dwellings in our country and their changes throughout history.



    Character on Trial offers children the opportunity to make global connections between character and the law by considering a myriad of multicultural fairy tales from multiple perspectives and, ultimately, bringing a familiar villain to trial.  As students learn about the evolution of our own legal system and its unique place in world history, they will develop note-taking and letter-writing skills, use inductive and deductive reasoning to evaluate the merits of an argument, hypothesize the causes and effects of various actions, question the reliability of witnesses, and prioritize a host of issues.


    CULTURAL KALEIDOSCOPE                                                                                                                                     

    Cultural Kaleidoscope recognizes that cultures are dynamic and fluid.  This study of cultures helps students to recognize that people share more commonalities than differences.  In this social studies elective, students develop the knowledge needed to make informed decisions as citizens of a culturally diverse world.  Students use various opportunities that integrate technology, language arts, and visual arts across several disciplines.  Students gain knowledge of multiple cultural perspectives and identify examples of cultural diversity in the school and community.  This course will provide opportunities for students to mentally formulate ideas and abstractions, utilize their artistic creativity, and integrate different core subjects. 



    Dancing and Playing Around the World is filled with a variety of games and dances that reflect our worldwide cultural diversity.  This is a wonderful opportunity for children to explore different cultures through dance and movement activities as well as language and enrichment experiences.  As the children explore dances and games from all over the world, they will develop geography skills, writing skills, knowledge of the different continents and countries, and an appreciation for the various cultures in our global community. 



    This course will provide learners the opportunity to discover ten different cultures located around the world by “traveling” to Brazil, Mexico, England, India, New Zealand, Nigeria, Israel, Russia, and Japan.  The learners will be receiving a passport that will enable them to travel to the different countries.  They will also be receiving a suitcase in which to keep all of their “souvenirs.”  During each trip to a different country, the learners will be experiencing the following activities:  recognizing different seasonal changes and times between their country and the country they are visiting, making clothes (paper dolls) to be worn during their trip, drawing simple maps of the homes and communities that are located in the country, cooking and tasting food, experiencing holidays that are celebrated in the country, exploring that country’s different customs, playing games, listening and dancing to music, replicating art, familiarizing themselves with any famous people who live there, and responding to their visit through a postcard that will be sent “home” after each trip. 



    Students will have an opportunity to understand the influence of Egyptian culture on family behavior and activities, architecture, and clothing.  They will gain an understanding of the universality and diversity of family needs and customs through an introduction to life in Egypt. 


    GEOGRAPHIC EXPLORATION - AIG                                                                                                                       

    The key concepts of geography -- earth, direction, location, spatial arrangements, and maps -- will be introduced to students in this course.  Students will be involved in projects, inside and outside of the classroom, which will develop a better understanding of global concepts.


    GREAT INVENTORS –DISCOVERIES THROUGH THE DECADES                                                                   

    Studying great inventors like Ben Franklin, Thomas Edison, and Granville T. Woods will provide students with role models to design inventions of their own. Patents, advertising, marketing, corporations, and stockholders will be investigated.


    HALL OF FAME                                                                                                                                                             

    Do YOU have what it takes to become “famous”??  Learn what individuals from various backgrounds did to achieve fame!  In this course you will learn about famous individuals from the past and the present and how they changed our lives. 



    Students will study leadership techniques and the characteristics of persons that are, or have been, influential leaders in our country. Students will be asked to assume school leadership roles and practice techniques acquired through this course.



    Have you ever wondered what it would be like to attend an Igbo Festival in Nigeria?  Or eat sweets during the Candy Festival in Turkey?  How would you like to participate in a May Pole Dance?  Or march in a Bastille Day Parade?  Well, join us on a trip around the world as we learn about many wonderful celebrations and festivals of different people, cultures, and countries.  We will experience music, recipes, language and multi-sensory activities; as well as practice our geography skills while we study holidays around the world.  Come celebrate with us as we learn to appreciate the many differences and, more importantly, the similarities between so many diverse and interesting cultures.


    NATIVE AMERICANS:  ALGONQUIN TO ZUNI                                                                                                    

    This course will emphasize the culture, contributions, and heritage of North Carolina Indians, past and present.


    PEOPLE WHO MADE AMERICA                                                                                                                              

    This course will focus on the lives of people who helped influence and form the America we live in today.  Men and women of different cultures and viewpoints from earliest times to the present will be studied.



    Long before Martin Luther King Jr., Rosa Parks, Jackie Robinson, Harriet Tubman, and other famous African American names were etched into American history, thousands of little-known individuals helped to overcome the challenges of injustices and make significant contributions to our society.  For example, did you know there were over 9,000 African American cowboys that settled the American West? Or, that the first modern day technology inventions were patented by African Americans? There are so many interesting facts to learn about the challenges and contributions for African Americans to American society.  In this elective, students will learn and discuss the experiences of African Americans in the U.S.


    SINGING YOUR WAY ACROSS THE U.S.A.                                                                                                            

            Part I - The Southeast and Southwest

            Part II - The Pacific and Northeast

    This integrated curriculum will allow students to participate in activities in various content areas as they learn about the U.S.A.  Historical and famous landmarks will be explored as they tour the fifty states.


    TAR HEEL JUNIOR HISTORIANS                                                                                                                            

    An exciting approach to North Carolina history, this club investigates the history and preserves the heritage of our great state. The club is sponsored through the NC Museum of History, includes many student projects, and may include statewide competitions.


    THINK ABOUT IT! PHILOSOPHY AND LOGIC - AIG                                                                                          

    Join Harry Stottlemeir, a fictional fifth grade philosopher, who ponders such questions as why the statement “all cucumbers are vegetables” is true, but “all vegetables are cucumbers” is false.  If you would like to debate issues, share concerns, be inquisitive, or improve your reasoning skills, this course is for you.


    TREASURE ISLAND                                                                                                                                                    

    This course will provide students with an opportunity to understand how to navigate their community and understand the world through the use of maps and globes.  Students will learn to read maps and globes, draw maps, and create maps and globes.  The objective of this course is for students to have a basic understanding and the necessary skills to read and use maps and globes. 



    The United States is a vast country with a diverse geography, history, and people.  Students will use the five themes of geography (Location – absolute and relative, Description of Place – physical and cultural, Human-Environment Interactions, Movement, and Regions) as a lens through which they can view and develop a more complete understanding of the United States.  Students will learn about landforms, climate, history, and culture of the different regions.  Students will engage in a range of hands-on activities that will include building sod and adobe houses, creating a newspaper article about African-American cowboys, recording their relative location with compasses, and making a mathematical representation of an 1,800 square mile buffalo herd.



    Students will build an understanding of how our government works at various levels.  Students will explore the three levels of government, analyze the U.S. Constitution and explore laws, courts, juries, verdicts, and sentences.  Students will understand that laws must be followed, that they are responsible for obeying the laws of our government and how to be a productive, responsible citizen.





    This course will explore algebraic topics, which include patterns and pattern rules functions, variables, and coordinate graphs.  Students will explore, build, and extend patterns, both numerical and geometric and represent these patterns on T- charts.  This course lays the foundation for later, more formal algebraic experiences. 



    This course will focus on sorting and classifying items by similarities and differences: sizes, colors, and shapes.


    BEGINNING INVESTIGATIONS (Probability)                                                                                                     

    This course gives children a variety of experiences that involve them in thinking about some of the basic ideas of probability.  Through a collection of hands-on games and experiments, students explore the likelihood of events, use data to make predictions about outcomes, and determine whether games are fair. 


    BOOK INTO MATH                                                                                                                                                       

    This course will integrate literature and mathematics. Students will be introduced to numerous children's books, both old favorites as well as unfamiliar stories. They will participate in activities designed to explore mathematical concepts as well as to develop communication skills. Students will be encouraged to work together to read, speak, write and use a variety of strategies to solve mathematical problems which occur in literature.


    CALCULATOR MATH                                                                                                                                                   

    A pocket calculator can save time in solving math problems. Find out how this instrument can use its memory to help you find answers quickly.


    DIMENSIONS: BUILD IT - AIG                                                                                                                                 

    Students will explore the measurement of shapes and solids as they use yarn, paperclips, blocks, marshmallows, popcorn, frameworks, polydrons and paper to create and measure the area, perimeter and volume 2D and 3D creations. Throughout the electives, students will work towards the final building project – A Geometric Zoo to be on display for all to enjoy.


    GRIN AND GRAPH IT - AIG                                                                                                                                       

    Activities in this course are designed to develop skills in coordinate geometry and graphing.  Students will survey, organize, and analyze data to make line, bar, and picture graphs.


    FREAKY FRACTIONS                                                                                                                                                  

    This course provides reinforcement and enrichment with fractions for fourth and fifth graders.  Students will become aware of the variety of ways in which fractions are commonly used, develop a repertoire of visual models for fractions, and apply these models flexibly and appropriately as they solve problems with fractions.  All activities are designed to help students see the connections between fraction concepts and real-life experience.


    FURTHER WITH NUMBERS -AIG                                                                                                                           

    This course provides both horizontal and vertical enrichment for the student who loves math and likes challenges! Students will look carefully at other number systems, other bases, and strange and wonderful math patterns and theorems; solve simple algebraic equations; build a city of polyhedron shapes; and "taste" probability



    This course will introduce, reinforce, and broaden students’ understanding in numerical relationships, computation, geometry, discrete mathematics, functions, and logic.  The cooperative logic activities help students become contributing members of a group of collective thinkers


    JAMMIN’ GEOMETRY                                                                                                                                                  

    Students will explore and learn about two and three dimensional shapes as they participate in, among other things, an engaging project called “Polyhedraville”.



    Are you curious? Do you like learning information? If you answered yes, then Just Graph It! is just right for you. You will explore different ways information is collected and how this information can be shared so that others can learn too. You will learn how to read and make different types of graphs. You will also discover the world of probability, so come join us on a math adventure!



    Students will participate in an exciting variety of division experiences to ensure that they learn the purposes and the process of dividing.  Students will divide in all kinds of contexts and learn to process division in a way that makes sense to them.



    Grab your math tools!  Get ready for an action packed adventure finding math all around you.  Students will explore a variety of math activities incorporating algebraic thinking, measurement, data collection, and geometry.  Students will analyze, evaluate and create to solve challenging math problems.  Get ready to solve!!


    MATH MASTERS                                                                                                                                                          

    MATH MASTERS will provide a balanced approach in reinforcing and enriching basic math skills.  Students who excel in or have a keen interest in math will have numerous opportunities to sharpen their skills.  This will be accomplished through activities that include estimation, graphing, measurement, prediction, and application of basic math skills.



    This elective will entice students to measure everything!  Students will be allowed to explore the concepts of measurement through non-standard and standard units of measure.  Students will use hands-on, group, and center based activities to extend and relate knowledge of length, capacity and weight measurement to real life situations.



    This course will provide students with practice using both the standard and metric systems of measurement.  Students will explore both systems of measurement through engaging, hands-on activities that are based on NCTM standards.  Time, capacity, length, mass, and temperature will be investigated allowing students to make real-world connections to the uses and applications of measurement skills and concepts. 


    MIND BENDERS                                                                                                                                                           

    Math is all around us – at times right in front of our noses, and at other times mysteriously disguised. In this course students will explore the pattern, puzzles, mysteries, relationships, and fun of mathematics.



    This course will provide students with practice using multiplication and division facts through the use of drill and practice, games, and applications.                                                                                                                                              



    This course provides a sequential approach to reinforcement of addition and subtraction. A strong emphasis is placed on the use of manipulative materials when reviewing concepts. Many developmental activities are game-oriented to actively engage the learner. Memorization of math facts will be stressed.


    SOLVE IT! K-2                                                                                                                                                               

    We're off on a great math adventure! In this elective, children will develop their problem solving skills as they are required to think both logically and creatively. We will focus on solution strategies (pattern, deduction, relationships, Inference, and sequences), rather than on computational practice. Some of our problems will require careful thought and reasoning. Others will have solutions that will instantly occur to children in a sudden burst of insight. All of our work will increase their appreciation for and understanding of mathematical ways of thinking.


    SUPREME STRATEGIES                                                                                                                                            

    Students will devise creative strategies and techniques for solving these real-life mathematical problems. They will understand and solve word problems.



    Students will be taught the concept of time using clocks and calendars.  Prediction and arrangement of time events in logical sequence will be emphasized.  Reading temperatures -- both Fahrenheit and Celsius -- will be included in this elective along with recognition of coin denominations and their values.





      Information about African animals and their habitats will be explored.  Students will be made aware of man's responsibility to save the animals.



    Students will study domesticated and wild animals through books, songs, films, and hands-on activities. The animal habitats of home, farm, zoo, and natural environments will be the focus in this course.



    Students will explore animal classifications, habitats, life spans, body features, and defense mechanisms through creative activities. The animal kingdom's endangered species will also be identified.



    In this course students will dig in the dirt, play with plants, sample seeds, look at leaves and explore ecosystems.  Join us as we learn all about plants and how they interact with their surrounding environment.


    COASTAL ECOLOGY                                                                                                                                                     

    Students will study the North Carolina coastal region, including its islands, sea life, ecosystems, and weather patterns. This course can be a wonderful experience for future marine biologists and beach-life enthusiasts!



    Animals, animals, animals everywhere! Become an animal expert by exploring and researching the different animal groups such as mammals, amphibians, reptiles, fish, insects, and birds. Sharpen your computer skills and confidence while learning the fascinating facts and unique characteristics of each animal group. As an animal expert, you will complete computer art, math, science, and language arts activities using a variety of computer programs. Come join the animal adventure!



    Students will explore the fascinating world of gadgets and tools in looking at how things work!   Tools, machines, gears, and other gizmos will be used as students build their understanding of how simple machines and tools make our world an easier place in which to live.



    Eight of every ten animals on earth are insects.  This course introduces the student to the world of insects and their kin.  There will be an opportunity to collect, observe, and investigate the common insects found in our area.  Students will learn about beneficial and harmful insects and the role they play in the environment.



    Students will be introduced to 12 different types of engineering. They will be presented with scenarios that require them to become each type of engineer and solve a problem with their team. They will make predictions, test materials, investigate solutions, and make presentations with their team using the data and observations they complete. 21st Century Skills will be utilized as they explore each type of engineering field and develop deeper understanding of what it means to be an engineer.



    This inquiry based science course will introduce primary students to birds and their characteristics, habits, life cycles and role in the environment.  Students will be involved in hands on activities designed to help them identify bird characteristics compared with those of other creatures, identify and classify different types of birds, and build an understanding of a bird’s life cycle and the roles birds play in their environment.  Students will develop their own questions about birds and throughout the course of the elective discover the answers by participating in learning experiences such as experiments, journal keeping, reading, and first hand observation as well as creating a welcoming habitat for birds on their school grounds.


    KITCHEN CHEMISTRY                                                                                                                                                

    In this course the students will learn, through many exciting experiments, about simple scientific phenomena, such as physical and chemical changes; states of matter--solids, liquids, and gases; and the cause and effect of heat.  Students will also learn how ice cream and soap are made.



    This course will examine the lifecycles of plants and animals (amphibious, aquatic, insect, and mammal). Students will observe and study the different stages, how they are alike and different, and what is required to complete those lifecycles. The opportunity to grow plants and nurture life will be included.



    This course will familiarize students with seals, sea lions, manatees, dolphins, sea otters, and of course, whales.  Students will study the fascinating habits and habitats of these interesting creatures.


    MY GREEN THUMB                                                                                                                                                     

    Are you ready to use your green thumb to grow your own fruit, vegetable, or herb? In Green Thumb, we will learn the value of plants in our environment while growing our very own plant and recording our findings through various data collection methods.



    In this elective students will program and control actual robots that they build themselves using specially created software and Lego building materials.  They will begin by following step-by-step instructions in order to build and program a simple robotic model. Eventually, the students will be able to imagine an original robot, program its functions, and finally “bring it to life.” 



    T is for tadpole!  S is for snake!  Reptile or amphibian?  Make no mistake!  Come along on an animal adventure as we learn about reptiles and amphibians.  We’ll explore habitats, body coverings, movement, appearances, and other interesting facts about these animal groups.  We’ll study their life cycles and how they interact with other living things through research, literature-based projects, and hands-on activities.  Hop! Crawl! Slither or slide!  Don’t miss out on this exciting elective about reptiles and amphibians. 



    Science Olympiad is an opportunity for students to expand their knowledge in the areas of science and technology. Students are involved in the investigative process of science by doing hands-on and inquiry-based activities. Olympiad events involve teamwork, group planning and cooperation based on "real-world" science. Parental involvement and occasional after-school practice will be expected.  Students will compete against other elementary schools in April.


    SEASHELLS AND SEA LIFE                                                                                                                                       

    Students will be transported to one of the most fascinating ecosystems on our planet, the sea. At this special ecological juncture of both sand and sea, a rich multiplicity of life forms are surviving, thriving, and interacting with each other. The exciting topic of marine life will inspire curiosity, and lead to greater understanding of the needs and environmental adaptations of living organisms.


    SENSE-ATIONAL FIVE, THE                                                                                                                                     

    Students will discover the importance of our five senses and how we use them. Through various experiments and hands-on activities students will discover how each sense organ functions. Students will be encouraged to examine and observe their world in new ways.



    The water we drink today has been around in one form or another since before dinosaurs roamed the earth, continually recycled through the atmosphere and back to our homes.  Each year competition for a clean, copious supply of water intensifies.  In this course, students will investigate special characteristics of water and learn how water is both a renewable and limited resource on our planet.  Students will examine both drinking and wastewater infrastructure and develop a deeper understanding of how human interactions affect our water supply.  Throughout the course, students will make personal connections and learn to practice environmental stewardship through conservation and sustainable practices. 


    WEATHER WATCHERS                                                                                                                                              

    Beginning meteorologists will be assisted in understanding the elements which make up weather.  Students will perform experiments and build their own weather instruments.



    Have you always wanted to know how meteorologists predict the weather?  In this elective you will learn what makes up our daily and seasonal weather.  You will also observe and learn how to measure different types of weather.  Through engaging hands-on science and math experiments you will become an amateur meteorologist!



    In this elective, students will program and control animal robots that they build themselves using specially created software and Lego building materials. They will begin by following step-by-step instructions in order to build and program a simple robotic model.








    World Languages


    BEGINNING SPANISH                                                                                                                                                 

    This course is the beginning course in the study of the Spanish language. It is designed for students with little or no experience in speaking Spanish.                                                                                                   

    INTERMEDIATE SPANISH                                                                                                                                        

    This elective continues the course of study begun in Beginning Spanish. Prerequisite: Beginning Spanish or approval of Spanish teacher.



     This is the most advanced of the three K-2 Spanish electives. Students continue and expand their studies of the Spanish language. Prerequisite: Intermediate Spanish or approval of Spanish teacher.


    Computer Studies


    COMPUTER WEBMASTERS                                                                                                                                     

    Students will learn how to write and create their own personal web page. Students will use the computer to write stories, poems, imaginative narratives and personal narratives on a variety of topics for their web page projects. The web pages will be posted to the school’s web site once peers and the instructor review them. Dialogue will be created during the review process to make sure that high quality web pages will be posted to the Internet. Students will learn how to insert photos, graphics and drawings into their web pages.


    Physical Education/Health



    Learn all about the different events of gymnastics.  Students will learn the basic skills used in on the floor, balance beam, vault and bars.  Students will work individually and in small groups developing their skills and will perform their skills at the end of the quarter.



    Learn about the sport of Speed Stacking!  Using multiple formations, styles, activities, and partner skills, students will improve their hand-eye coordination and ambidexterity by stacking cups.  Students will learn formations such as the 3-6-3, 6-6, and the cycle while working independently or in small groups.  Students will put all of their skills together to create and perform a routine at the end of the quarter. 


    FRIENDSHIP SPECIAL                                                                                                                                                

    This course will center around how to interact positively with peers.  After completing this course students should be able to demonstrate an understanding of the value and responsibility of friendships and personal interactions.



    This course is designed for those interested in jumping rope.  Students will develop their rhythm, coordination, balance and timing as they learn individual, partner and long rope (double-dutch) skills.  Students will then use those skills and work together in small groups to build and create routines for presentation.  This class will include activities for beginner and advanced jumpers. 


    LIFETIME SPORTS                                                                                                                                                      

    This course is designed for the student who is interested in investigating and developing skills in a variety of lifetime sport activities.  Students will learn the basic skills, rules and regulations, game play and strategies associated with sports that can be played at any age.  Individual and dual sports to be covered in the course may include sports such as tennis, badminton, bowling, golf, and horseshoes. 


    NEW GAMES I                                                                                                                                                               

    Students will participate in a wide variety of games which focus on the joy of play, cooperation, and trust, rather than simply striving to win. These games are based upon the philosophy, "Play hard, play fair, nobody hurt." Activity level will range from physically active to quiet group games.  Good sportsmanship will be emphasized as well as practice in basic movement skills.



    Do you want to have fun while learning about lots of different games and sports?  Students will learn a variety of skills used in many different sports.  Students will develop locomotor, non-locomotor and manipulative skills such as running, jumping, throwing and kicking through different games.  In addition, students will develop positive social skills and safe practices through group activities.


    READY, SET, MOVE                                                                                                                                                     

    This is a course for kindergartners designed to strengthen gross motor skills by using large muscle groups.  The activities will include imitating body movements, identifying and using body parts, and manipulating their bodies in space.



    This course is designed to improve basic locomotor and manipulative skills in K-1 students while also improving total body coordination.  Students will work with a variety of equipment to work on group cooperation with emphasis on sharing and teamwork.  Rhythms and ropes will also be introduced to increase rhythm competency.



    Learn about multiple sports that involve a racquet or a paddle such as badminton, tennis, ping pong and pickleball.  Students will research these sports and practice their skills through lead up drills and games to prepare them for the specific sports.  Students will work with small groups to learn how to keep score and referee the games. 


    SPORTS ARENA                                                                                                                                                           

    For the young athlete who enjoys team sports, this course will emphasize basic skill development which is essential to succeeding in sports.  The importance of physical fitness, good sportsmanship, and working as a team will be stressed as students participate in drills and pre-game situations.


    SUCCEEDING IN MIDDLE SCHOOL                                                                                                                         

    Establishing friends, developing study habits, preparing for tests, and making wise decisions are topics covered in this elective for fifth graders. Through role-play, readings, discussions, and journal writing, students will become familiar with middle school scenarios. This course will help them make a smooth transition from elementary to middle school.



    Learn the basic rules, principles, and techniques involved in track and field.  Areas to be covered include running, jumping, relays and throwing.  Students will be involved in a training program that will help them learn and develop the basic skills and techniques needed to perform a variety of track and field events.  This class culminates with the students competing at the Magnet Track Meet held in the spring.



    This course is designed for the student who is interested in investigating and developing skills in a variety of team sports. Emphasis will be placed on skills, drills, rules, care of equipment, lead-up activities, and game situations. Good sportsmanship and team cooperation will be stressed. Team sports to be covered in this course will include kickball, soccer, and basketball.




    ALL TOGETHER                                                                                                                                                             

    Students will explore a variety of art media to build their skills of drawing, painting, cutting and pasting, and sculpting.


    ANIMALS IN ART                                                                                                                                                         

    Students interested in animals will have the opportunity to research, draw, paint, model, and cut to portray prehistoric, real, and imaginary animals.


    ART IN NATURE                                                                                                                                                          

    Depicting plant and animal life through a variety of media will be the emphasis of this course. The study of animal and plant life will accompany each project.



    In this class, students will explore their creative sides through painting with their fingers, brushes, sponges, and more to create colorful artwork.


    ASTOUNDING ARTISTS                                                                                                                                             

    Through a study of astounding artists’ lives and works, students will create their own “masterpieces” using a variety of art media and methods. Observing works of art by Vincent Van Gogh, Henri Matisse, Georgia O’Keeffe, and Georges Seurat will enable students to see and understand each artist’s unique style.


    CLAY SCULPTURE                                                                                                                                                        

    Using a variety of techniques, students will learn the clay process and discover the possibilities of the uses of natural clay.


    DRAWING AND PAINTING                                                                                                                                       

    Exercises in drawing techniques will be experienced with an emphasis on the human figure, still life, and objects from nature. In painting, color theory will be emphasized.  Students will incorporate their drawings into paintings.


    DRAWING THE LINE                                                                                                                                                  

    Students will have the opportunity to draw a wide variety of subjects from life and imagination.  Line techniques, perspective, proportion, and visual texture will be taught.


    FEEL OF THINGS, THE                                                                                                                                                 

    Using a variety of art media, students will develop skills in creating visual and tactile textures.

    MAKING RAINBOWS                                                                                                                                                  

    Students will learn to mix secondary colors using primary colors, and mix tints and shades for use in paintings. Tempera, watercolors, and finger paints will be used.



    Students will make simple hand puppets using a variety of materials and will learn simple performance techniques.


    PAPER, SCISSORS, AND GLUE                                                                                                                                 

    Students will explore, develop, and use cut paper techniques to create original visual images. Experiences with two and three dimensional projects will provide students with an in-depth awareness of paper's potential.



    Students will explore art's three dimensional form using paper, found objects, boxes, clay, and other media.


    SHAPE OF THINGS, THE                                                                                                                                              

    This advanced course is for students who have developed their cutting skills and wish to explore complex cutting techniques in a two and three dimensional manner.



    In this class, the students will explore the great seas learning about all of it’s amazing life forms.  Students will discuss the sea animals, their characteristics, their habitats, and then create artwork from “Under the Sea.”


    YOU GOTTA HAVE ART                                                                                                                                             

    This basic art survey course will include drawing, painting, cutting and pasting, modeling, and constructing.





    This course will introduce K-1 students to the orchestra, and specifically the string family.  Students will learn about the bowed string instruments, focusing on the violin.  Students will learn basic set-up and instrument postures, sing introductory songs, and learn songs using a cardboard instrument.  Students will also get occasional hands-on experience on a real violin, although no instrument will go home.


    CHORUS, K-2                                                                                                                                                                 

    Students will learn to produce a good singing tone with their voices. Students will be exposed to a variety of pieces from different styles and periods. These prepared pieces may be performed for school programs and functions.


    CHORUS 3-5                                                                                                                                                                   

    Students will learn to sing with comfort, accuracy, and a good tone. They will develop blend and ensemble skills and the ability to sing two-part harmony. Music studied will include a variety of styles and periods. Performance will be an expected part of this course.


    EXPERIENCES WITH MUSIC AND MOVEMENT                                                                                                 

    Through this study students will learn how movement can correlate with other areas.  Movement will be introduced through poetry, rhythms, recorded music, and stories.  Students will create original movements to accompany these various areas.


    KEYBOARD BY SIGHT AND SOUND I                                                                                                                    

    In this course, the student will learn to play a keyboard instrument. Designed for students with no previous keyboard experience, the basic fundamentals of music and playing technique will be presented.


    MAKING THE CLASSICS CONNECT                                                                                                                         

    Roll over Beethoven! This is a course designed to make learning about classical music fun and exciting. Students will create, listen, illustrate, move, conduct works by, and read about the masters of classical music.


    MEET AND MAKE MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS                                                                                                      

    This course is an introduction to the four families of instruments: strings, woodwinds, brass, and percussion. Students will meet these instruments through stories, songs, films, and performances. Percussion instruments will be played. Students will learn to read and perform percussion scores.


    MUSIC WE CAN PLAY AND SING                                                                                                                            

    Through a sequential, vocal/instrumental approach, children will be introduced to music reading skills. Emphasis will be on both rhythmic and melodic notation.


    RHYTHM BAND                                                                                                                                                            

    Students will learn to play various rhythm instruments correctly. They will experience a variety of activities using the fundamentals of rhythm. Students will learn to read simple percussion scores.


    PATHWAY TO THE BAND I (YEAR-LONG)                                                                                                          

    Learn to play a musical instrument heard in a band.


    PATHWAY TO THE BAND II (YEAR-LONG)                                                                                                        

    This course will include instruction on woodwind, brass, and percussion instruments begun in PATHWAY TO THE BAND I. Emphasis will be on individual and group instruction. Solo and ensemble performances will be a vital part of this course.


    PATHWAY TO THE ORCHESTRA I (YEAR-LONG)                                                                                             

    Learn to play the violin, viola, or cello in this course.


    PATHWAY TO THE ORCHESTRA II (YEAR-LONG)                                                                                           

    This course will be a continuation of PATHWAY TO THE ORCHESTRA I. Emphasis will be placed on both individual and group instruction. Solo and ensemble performances will be encouraged.



    This course is based on Carl Orff's unique approach to music. Students will be exposed to a variety of activities (singing, chanting rhymes, dancing, keeping a beat, and playing instruments) that will enhance their natural way of learning music. Special instruments will be used to insure successful music experiences. "Orff”-estra introduces students to a lifetime of pleasure in music.



    Interested in playing a band instrument? The recorder is a great wind instrument for beginners. The fingerings are similar to many traditional band instruments like the clarinet and saxophone. In this class students will learn proper breath control and embouchure (the way to hold your mouth) as well as learn to read music beginning with the notes B, A, and G, and adding high C and D, and low D and E. Repertoire will include folk songs and simplified versions of works by famous composers such as Handel and Beethoven. Performance opportunities may be offered.


    RHYTHM BAND-GARBAGE BAND  Your probably began recognizing your talents around 1 ½ or 2 years of age.   Well now you and your friends are going to learn how to play various rhythms on a variety of everyday household items such as buckets, pots and pans, blocks, triangles, spoons, etc.  Time to let your talents ROCK OUT!!!


    SOUNDS OF THE WORLD                                                                                                                                          

    Students will explore cultures of the world through music and musical instruments. An appreciation for a variety of musical styles will be fostered through exposure to music from all over the world and the creation of some unique and interesting musical instruments.


    STORY TIME FOR YOUNG LISTENERS                                                                                                                 

    Listening is essential and basic to all musical experiences. Through a variety of integrated arts activities, students will hear and study famous classical compositions, their stories/origins, and their composers.



    Students will discover the magic of music through singing while discovering the joy of listening to recordings and making creative responses to action songs and dances.


    WE GOT THE BEAT:  Rhythm Band  

    Students will use various items (buckets, pots and pans, blocks, triangles, lummi sticks, drums, etc) to demonstrate their ability to keep the beat of the music.  They will experience a variety of activities using the fundamentals of rhythm






    In this course, students will participate in role-playing, scripted study, improvisation, and characterization. Teacher-guided study in voice, body movement, and concentration techniques will develop the actor's tools.


    CREATIVE DRAMA                                                                                                                                                      

    This course will give students the opportunity to learn about acting and the stage. They will explore their own experiences through acting, improvisation, and short plays. Students will expand their senses in developing characters and situations. It is suggested that they take this course before selecting INTRODUCTION TO THE STAGE.


    CREATIVE DRAMATICS                                                                                                                                             

    Through use of the senses, voice, and body, students will learn to expand their own creativity.  This course builds a good self-image and confidence for further study in theater.


    INTRODUCTION TO THE STAGE                                                                                                                             

    In this introductory drama course students will learn about various aspects of the theater. Students will discover the role of the actor, director, and stage technician, and will become familiar with makeup, costumes, sets, and props. They may also produce a short play.



    This course will involve students in the art of dramatics through mime. Students will learn pantomime techniques, enact popular and original stories, and participate in student performances.



    Students will learn about musical theatre from its beginning in America through modern Broadway musicals from the creative and production teams to performance.  Activities will include building basic skills in acting, singing, and dancing. 


    THEATER GAMES                                                                                                                                                        

    Through hands-on activities students will participate in improvisational theater activities to build concentration, stage presence, communication skills, self-confidence, and cooperative skills.


    THEATER PRODUCTION                                                                                                                                           

    This is a course in which students will be expected to participate in the production of a play. Music, art, and drama come together in the creation of the play which will be performed for a live audience.





    1, 2, 3, 4, TAP, TAP, TAP                                                                                                                                           
    Did you know that anyone can tap dance? If you like to make noise and can count to four, you can learn too! In this elective, students will learn how to recognize and demonstrate basic tap dancing technique. At the same time, this course will reinforce primary math skills such as patterning, spatial and number sense.


    CREATIVE DANCE                                                                                                                                                       

    Students will be offered an intensive study in the creative process of dance. This course will increase individual facility from movement improvisation to basic choreography.


    CREATIVE MOVEMENT                                                                                                                                             

    This course is designed to build on the creative skills that were introduced in LET'S MOVE and to explore the basic elements of movement composition.


    DANCE ENSEMBLE                                                                                                                                                      

    This course is designed for students who want to continue their dance training. Focus is on dance technique and its relationship to choreography. A highlight will be a performance experience. DANCE ENSEMBLE is open to students who have completed at least two semesters of dance at the 3-5 level, or by permission of the teacher.



    Students will explore major American events through the social dances of the decade.


    EXPLORING BALLET                                                                                                                                                  

    This course will introduce students to the basic skills and terminology of ballet. Students will learn the history of ballet as well as the format of a typical ballet class. The students will develop strength, flexibility and the knowledge of proper body alignment.


    EXPLORING DANCE STYLES                                                                                                                                    

    In this introductory course to the basic movement principles that pertain to all dance styles, students will begin to develop strength, coordination, and flexibility.


    FOLK DANCE                                                                                                                                                                 

    Students will become familiar with the basic steps, rhythmic patterns, and dance tunes of many countries.



    Zumba is a fun way to dance your way fit.  Choreographed routines in the latest music such as hip-hop and reggae, help increase focus and self-confidence, boost metabolism, and improve coordination.  Ready to get fit and have a BLAST?


    INTRO TO CREATIVE DANCE                                                                                                                                  

    This course will introduce the basic concepts of movement: Space, Time, Force, and Body by engaging the student in fun dance activities and games. Students will use music, instruments, ribbon, streamers and balloons to enhance their learning. The course will explore the difference between locomotor and non-locomotor movement. This course will focus on developing creativity, increasing kinesthetic awareness, and integrating basics with dance.


    INTRODUCTION TO CREATIVE DANCE                                                                                                                

    Students will begin to discover their own creative potential and expand their movement vocabulary. A total experience is the goal for the student, rather than a particular style. Through the introduction of improvisational dance, students will become more aware of themselves as “movers” as well as decision-makers.


    INTRODUCTION TO MODERN DANCE (3-5) (4-5)                                                                                            

    This course will introduce students to the foundations of modern dance technique. They will develop a personal sense of the discipline of modern dance. The historical impact of modern dance as an art form will also be examined. Students will develop strength, flexibility, and proper body alignment.


    LET'S MOVE I                                                                                                                                                                

    In this course students will be given the opportunity to explore the basic elements of movement: time, space, energy, and shape. The focus will be on developing the natural creative skills of each individual, and heightening kinesthetic and spatial awareness.


    LET'S MOVE II                                                                                                                                                               

    Students will continue their creative exploration of movement. Teacher-directed experiences, as well as partner and group discoveries, will be introduced.



    How would famous storybook characters tell their tale if they could only communicate through dance?  Many stories such as The Little Red Hen, The Three Little Pigs, Goldilocks and the Three Bears, Little Red Riding Hood, and the Egyptian folk tale of The Golden Flower can be used for students to explore and communicate meaning through movement.  Each dance will develop through the reading and discussion of the story and finally the performance of the story.  The students will be actively involved in deciding the movement choreography as well as making props, costumes, and scenery for their performance of the story dances. 


    MODERN DANCE                                                                                                                                                          

    This course will offer a more intensive study in modern dance through technique, terminology, and choreography. Students will gain increased strength, range of motion, and coordination while exploring creative expression and individual style.


    Did you ever think about what your bones and muscles are doing when you dance or play sports? In this elective we will be movement scientists! We will explore how the ways our muscles, bones, and joints make our bodies move in different ways. We will learn how to keep the body safe when dancing, exercising, and playing sports. This is a great elective to learn about science through movement!


    STOMP!!!-EXPLORING DANCE STYLES-  Do you have rhythm?  Can you feel the beat?  Do you have the discipline to learn these drills with precision?  If so this STEP class is for you.



    How would famous storybook characters tell their tale if they could only communicate through dance?  Many stories such as The Little Red Hen, The Three Little Pigs, Goldilocks and the Three Bears, Little Red Riding Hood, and the Egyptian folk-tale of The Golden Flower can be used for students to


    TAP, INTRODUCTION                                                                                                                                                 

    This course is designed to give an introduction to the technique of tap dancing. The focus will be on rhythmic perception, balance, and coordination. A brief history of tap dance will also be introduced.



    Students in this course will practice asana (postures) to build strong, flexible bodies and pranayama (breath control) to calm the mind, as well as, play games and sing songs that enable students to deepen this practice. They will learn many words in the ancient language of Sanskrit and how yoga evolved. Opportunities for service in the local community will also be emphasized (Karma Kids).


    Contemporary Arts


    CUT AND SEW                                                                                                                                                               

    CUT AND SEW is a course for beginners. Students will learn the basic steps in cutting out patterns, attaching snaps and buttons, hemming, and stitching. Take-home projects will be completed.


    BEGINNING CHESS                                                                                                                                                      

    Students will study the fundamentals of chess, and time will be provided for them to develop beginning skills in the game.



    Ready, Set, Cut, Trace, Build, Create and Write. Join in for a fun way to develop fine motor control, eye-hand coordination and handwriting skills.



    This course will introduce students to basic kitchen tools and equipment and their proper uses. Students will participate in activities designed to encourage experimentation with basic food preparation.  Good eating habits will be emphasized while students have fun tasting and learning the nutritional value of a variety of foods. 


    WOODWRIGHT'S SHOP                                                                                                                                             

    Students will learn safe and proper use of hand and power tools under the supervision of an instructor. They will plan, design, and produce a product. Characteristics of a variety of woods will be studied.






    SCHOLASTIC PURSUIT-AIG                                                                                                                                      

    SCHOLASTIC PURSUIT reinforces the knowledge students have acquired throughout the elementary grades. Emphasis is placed on research, questioning, and listening skills. Students gather information to compete among themselves in mini academic contests. A team is finally chosen from this class to compete in a system-wide academic tournament.



    Say Cheese!  Do you enjoy taking pictures?  Would you like to use the images you took and crop, adjust, and color them?  Learn how film and digital cameras work and how you can develop film or upload images to a computer for manipulation and printing.  Also explore how photography can lead to a career or hobby in sports, modeling, and art!