• CWRA+ Assessment

    Each year, several WCPSS schools are selected to participate in the CWRA+. This year, Green Hope High School has been selected to participate in the assessment as part of the WCPSS Strategic Plan’s Balanced Assessment System.

    Who has been selected?

    Students from several English III and AP English Language and Composition classes have been selected for the assessment by WCPSS.

    The CWRA+ Student Guide answers the following questions:  http://cae.org/images/uploads/pdf/CWRA_Student_Guide_Institution.pdf

    What is the CWRA+?

    The College and Work Readiness Assessment (CWRA+) is a performance-based assessment that provides a measure of an institution’s contribution to the development of critical-thinking and written communication skills of its students.

    Why do schools use the CWRA+?

    Schools participate in CWRA+ to estimate how, and by how much, they contribute to your development of higher-order skills. Collecting this information is one step in the process of improving teaching and learning.

    Why do students take the CWRA+?

    Students who participate in CWRA+ will learn about their strengths as well as areas to improve upon. This test will not affect students’ grades, will not be reported to colleges/universities (or any other institution or program), and will only be used for Wake County Public Schools data.

    Assessment Overview:

    CWRA+ is administered online and is comprised of a Performance Task and a series of Selected-Response questions. CWRA+ tasks are designed to assess students’ critical-thinking and written communication skills, regardless of their academic concentrations. No prior knowledge of any particular field is necessary in order to perform well.

    Why is your participation important to your school?

    An assessment program like CWRA+ requires the cooperation of many members of your school, including administrators, faculty, and students. Not only does your participation in CWRA+ help to demonstrate your school’s contribution to your learning, but by attempting to do your best on CWRA+, you are also helping your school grow and improve the education it provides to you and your peers.

    When will the assessment occur?

    Most students will test in the Media Center throughout the day on March 26th. Exact assessment dates and times for individual students will be shared through English classes. The test is designed to be completed in approximately 90 minutes, with a testing session of 2 hours.