• 5th Grade Courses

    Mastering Puppetry

    Have you ever wanted to learn how to construct a 3D papier-mâché puppet? In this elective you can master your puppet making skills as we learn about NC based Paperhand Puppet artist Donovan Zimmerman and Jeghetto. You will get messy practicing  techniques of armature building, papier-mâché, painting and garment construction with fabric. Let an imaginary character come alive, and a story begin to form as you master puppetry!

    Reading Buddies

    Our younger students in Kindergarten and 1st grade are looking for a 5th grade buddy to help them practice reading. Can you be the one they look up to for help? We will be going into their classrooms and you will be paired with a younger buddy that you will get to read to! We will also create a QR code that links to a recording of you reading the book. These will be attached to library books so students for years to come can listen to you as their reading buddy.

    First in Fitness
    We are closing in on the annual First in Fitness event and it is time to get prepared!  We will be working on improving our skills for this fun event. This club will NOT be limited to the kids who are participating in First in Fitness for the school.  Anyone who is interested in training is welcome to join!

    The Science of Sound

    Music is sound organized in time! Everything musically is made of sound and yet reverse! Sounds crazy? Well let's explore it! This elective will focus on “The Science of Sound.” We will explore cool and exciting experiments, make different flexible instruments, and even using some mysterious magic. So friends, take out your science goggles and explore science, through the eyes of music and beyond!