18-19 Grading Policy

  • 2018-2019 Millbrook Grading Policy


    School-Wide Grading Practices & Procedures

    1. All quarter grades are posted as earned, both semester grades (S1 and S2) shall be bumped to 50, with comments, if earned grade is below 50. The actual grades earned on individual assignments should remain in the gradebook, only the semester grade should be overridden.  The actual semester grade earned shall be entered on the report card as a comment. Students whose grade has been overridden should be placed on an academic contract according to their PLT intervention plan.
    2. Assignment categories and weights will be common by department.
    3. Assignment titles in PowerSchool must be entered in such a way to include the Standard and/or Objective being assessed.
    4. PowerSchool gradebooks shall be updated at least bi-weekly [one new graded assignment per each 5 class meetings] for A/B courses or weekly for blocked classes.
    5. Homework may not count more than 15% of a student’s grade.
    6. Re-test/alternative assignment and remediation policies must be set by departments.  


    School-Wide Late Work Policy

    1. Late work should be turned in up to the date of the unit assessment; however, once a due date passes, an alternate/adjusted assignment may be given that assesses the same objectives at the teacher’s discretion.
    2. Assigned classwork is not subject to the late work policy and will be graded at teachers’ discretion.