• CCMMS University Connections 

    College of Education:
    • Student observers: ECI 205, all faculty
    • Wolfpack Writing Partners Dr. Carol Pope
    • Outsiders Project: Dr. Carol Pope, Dr. Candy Beal
    • Student Teachers: all faculty
    • Geometric Teaching: Dr. Tina Starling
    Friday Institute for Educational Innovation
    • Project Engage video game on oceanography and computer programming: Dr. Eric Wiebe
    • Crystal Island video game on Chemistry: Dr. Eric Wiebe
    • ASSIST biomedical nanotechnology: Dr. Gail Jones
    • Z-Space Exploration: Dr. Gail Jones
    • MSEN: Braska Williams
    • PBI Global: Dr. Hiller Spires
    NC State Climate Office at Centennial Campus
    • Climate Internship: Ryan Bowles
    College of Computer Science
    • SPARCS Saturday Academy: STARS alliance
    • “Students in Programming, Robotics and Computer Science”
    The Science House at Centennial Campus
    • Science Olympiad
    College of Textiles
    • Tutors: Kent Hester, Jane Paris
    • Angel Tree: Kent Hester, Jane Paris
    Student Center for Leadership, Ethics and Public Service
    • Service Projects
    College of Physics Math and Science
    • Astronomy Night: Sixth-Grade
    College Natural Resources, North Carolina Wildlife Commission
    • Wildlife Club
    College Agriculture and Life Sciences
    • Environmental studies Lonnie Poole, Dr. Danesha Carley
    Centennial Campus USDA
    • Risk Fest Earth Day Learning Festival: Ron Brown
    Office of Financial Aid
    • Work Study Tutors
    Various Colleges
    • Guest presenters to enrich curriculum
    • STEM Friday Volunteers
    Bandwidth (company on Centennial Campus)
    • Science Fair Judges and Mentoring
    • Guest Speakers for Clubs
    • Tutoring
    • Hour of Code
    • Hoops for Heart 
    • Students at Work Week