Links Between STEM and Global Health Initiatives

  • Both STEM and "Global Health" are broad terms that can have different meanings to different people.  In the Athens Drive STEM Academy, one of our challenges is fusing the ideas of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math with those of Global Health Inititaives.  Students in the STEM Academy have the best of both worlds.  Students in the STEM Academy study topics in the areas of STEM, but they are able to also look at the area of Global Health through the lens of STEM.  

    Teachers in the STEM Academy focus their curriculum around the ideas of both The Grand Challenges of Engineering and the UN's Sustainable Development Goals.  Both of these initiatives attempt address global issues in our world and set out ways that we can solve these issues to promote healthy and sustainable living in our world.  

    The intersection of the Sustainable Development Goals and the Grand Challenges, students in the STEM Academy will be able to explore rich topics that help students delve into real world problems that can impact our daily lives and potentially the global view of the world.


    Click the image below to learn more about the Grand Challenges for Engineering


    Click the image below to learn more about the Sustainable Development Goals