• Job

    Meet our Science Teacher, Ms Job.

    Ms Job grew up and attended university in West Virginia.  Upon graduation, she moved to Middletown, Ohio where she taught 2nd grade and reading in the Carlisle Local Schools.  Ms Job always wanted to teach science! She loves that science allows you to work in groups, experiment with possibilities, and learn from your mistakes.  Ms Job says being a science teacher at Fox Road Magnet Elementary is the best! Themes like Sharing the Planet give her students the flexibility to make connections between ideas in class and in science.  Ms. Job ensures the IB learner profile is alive in science with children having the opportunity to be inquirers by asking questions and reflective when things don’t work out the way they planned.

    “Dr. Lewis is so involved,” says Ms Job.  He doesn’t forget about the importance of science, and it shows with the continued support for Ms Job and the supplies available for the students to experiment with in class.  Science scores also continue to rise as Ms Job continues her work at Fox Road Magnet Elementary. She is a joy to have as a part of our school.

    Look for her and our students in the October edition of The Total Connection newspaper for kids.