Club Description

    The Performing Arts Club at Apex Friendship Middle School is open to all students interested in learning about the Performing Arts including but not limited to; the study, development, and production of theatrical productions.  Students will write, dance, sing, , act, and run backstage and tech, including lights and sound) for various productions during the school year.  


    Objective: Over eight weeks students will learn the rules and guidelines for improvisation as well as several performance type improv games culminating in an “Audience Participation Night of Improve” which will showcase the skills of improve that the students have been developing.  The students will study combinations of characters, situations, and a quote with which they will use in the creation of a short scene. Audience members will be given options of characters, situations, and quotes through an interactive website. Students will be given the combinations chosen by the audience, and will then develop and perform their improv scene.


    Advisor Name and Email (@wcpss.net)


    Meeting Information

    Interest meeting TBD

    Membership Information

    Participation in the Performing Arts Club is dependent upon maintaining passing grades in all subjects, not just a passing GPA. Attendance at all required rehearsals for the role you are undertaking is mandatory.


    This club requires the same amount of commitment as sports. It is expected that each member of the Performing Arts Club will attend every rehearsal and club meeting. Students who do not attend each rehearsal run the risk of  having their role given to another student. Students will be given a calendar ahead of time and must be aware of the schedule with any conflicts at the beginning of each run.