• Grade 6 Social Studies (Striped Dolphine) team! (Mr. Trbovich)


    You will need to sign-up for one of my "Google Classroom" accounts.  Please make sure you sign-up for the correct class.  Here are the "Google Classroom" codes for each Core Class: all you need to do is copy and paste the code.


    Core #1: kpitcfa

    Core #2: a3zkzsr
    Core #3: sqo2ma3
    Core #4: rawmjra
    Students & Parents,
    There is a good chance that I will be signing up my social studies students.  If that occurs, all you would need to do is click on "join" to activate the google classroom class.  Please view the video's that are on my blog for help.


    Thank you,

    Mr. Trbovich