• SAT and ACT Information



    ACT for Juniors

    All juniors will take the ACT on campus in February 2021. These is no fee to take this, as the state pays for all 11th graders to test. Score reports will be mailed to students' home address provided on their answer sheet. These should begin arriving after April 15, 2021.

    Want to learn more about the ACT and what it's all about? If so, take a look at this very imformative powerpoint: All you need to know about the ACT!


    ACT Academy

    The ACT Academy provides free, personalized resources for students in preparing for the exam.  This overview (Links to an external site.) will provide students with basic information about what this service will provide. 


    You can find all the resources above, as well as detailed information about each section of the ACT, and learn about the differences between the ACT and the SAT in our google folder here: ACT and SAT Resources