Applying to Language Immersion Schools

  • Who Is Eligible?

    Students rising into grade K can apply to attend Dillard Drive (Spanish Immersion) or Smith (Spanish Dual Language Immersion) magnet elementary schools.   

    Students in grades K-5 can apply to attend Jeffreys Grove Elementary (Spanish Immersion) Hodge Road Elementary (Spanish Dual Language Immersion) and Stough Elementary (Mandarin Chinese Immersion). for the 2021-22 school year. Students in grades 6-8 may apply for Oberlin Magnet Middle (Spanish and Mandarin Immersion)

    Demonstrating Mastery

    Immersion Programs start in kindergarten. Any students initially selected in grades 1-5 must also show language mastery for the requested grade level to be assigned as a magnet student to an Immersion Magnet School.

    Students in grades 1-8 that are initially selected will be contacted by the school to schedule an Immersion Assessment to determine the student’s language level.

    • If the student’s language level is not at an appropriate level for the assigned grade, the student will be assigned back to their previously assigned school for the next school year.
    • If the student’s language level is at an appropriate level for the assigned grade, the student will be contacted by the school to finalize their assignment at the school.