Year-Round School Applications

  • Application Period Jan. 4-30.

    Elementary and middle school families with a traditional calendar base school will have an opportunity to apply to a school with a year-round calendar. To view your year-round calendar application schools, go to

    Late applications will not be accepted. Families will be notified of results starting on Feb. 19. 

    The student does not have an opportunity to decline placement if they are accepted into a school to which they applied. 


    Who is eligible to apply

    Only students enrolled or pre-registered to attend a traditional calendar Wake County Public School System school for the 2018-2019 school year. Students not currently attending a WCPSS school can pre-register online now.


    How we prioritize your student's application to multiple schools

    Families can apply to more than one school, including applying to multiple Magnet and Year-round choices. You should know that applications are prioritized based on the type of school. If you want to apply to more then one school, learn how we prioritize multiple applications.


    How we select students for year-round schools

    We prioritize applications in this order:

    1. Entering grade siblings requesting to join siblings who will be assigned to the requested school. (This priority is guaranteed.)
    2. Matching calendars between elementary and middle school siblings.
    3. Students who live in an area where the socioeconomic status is considered low.
    4. Rising 6th students who attended a year-round elementary school and who wish to keep that calendar for middle school .
    5. Students who are assigned to attend a crowded school. (Crowded is defined as 95% or greater projected utilization.)

    Ten percent of seats are filled through lottery.


    Applicant pools

    Students who do not receive a seat at their first choice school will be placed in an applicant pool. Applicant pools will be reviewed and processed in the Spring. Results will be posted to parent online accounts. Parents will receive an email letting them know when the applicant pools have been processed. 



    Students attending their year-round application school are eligible for district transportation unless you live in the walk zone for that school.



    Families will be notified on Feb. 19. Students who apply but do not receive a seat may not appeal the decision.

  • Need help?

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