Calendar Application Changes

  • Draft 1 proposes changing calendar application schools for a number of base attendance areas starting in 2019-20. Some proposed changes would be necessary if East Cary Middle changes to a traditional calendar, as proposed. The others are needed to maximize transportation efficiency or reduce overcrowding in some schools. 

    How do I find out if I am affected by this proposal?

    See the tables below to see if your base attendance area is impacted.

    My child attends one of the schools proposed to be removed as a choice. Where would they be assigned in 2019-20?

    Students currently attending a calendar application school proposed to be removed as a choice would be reassigned to the new calendar application school for that base attendance area in 2019-20. Use the address look-up tool to see your proposed new calendar application school for 2019-20. Rising 5th and 8th graders would be eligible to grandfather and stay at their current school without transportation. Any younger siblings would be eligible to stay for one year.

    How can I share feedback and ask questions about this proposal?

    Visit this thread on our online feedback forum about calendar application changes. 

Elementary School Calendar Application Changes

Middle School Calendar Application Changes