• Olive Chapel Families,


    The Family Marathon WILL IN FACT take place TODAY, Thursday, November 9th, at 2pm in the multipurpose room.  The same schedule for runners and families will be followed.  Please see below.


    INDOOR Family Marathon Schedule:


    2:00pm - Runners report to gym for warm-up and announcements

    2:25pm - Track 2 & 4 students that are not participating will move to the hallway to cheer on their peers

    2:30pm - Runners will proceed out of the gymnasium to the right and loop the 200 hallway, then the 300 hallway and lastly the 400 hallways. Runners will receive their medal as they exit the gym.

    2:45 pm - Marathon ends in the front lobby where runners will receive their magnets. All students will head back to class at this time.