• These Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) can provide answers to many common questions about BYOD at M2MS... 

    1. What is the purpose of BYOD?
      M2MS BYOD is available to students to support learning, enhance instruction, and provide the best possible outcome for student success.
    1. What devices can be used in M2MS BYOD?
      Moore Square Magnet Middle School defines “devices” as privately owned, wireless-capable, and portable electronic devices that can be used for wireless Internet access, productivity (word processing, etc.), image/video capturing, sound recording, and information transmitting.
    1. Will teachers force my student to use his/her device and/or install applications?
      Student-owned device usage is voluntary and will never be mandated by teachers. Teachers may request that students install apps, but will never require an app be installed. Any apps teachers request students install will be free apps, never paid apps. Students will need to use their own (or parent) accounts to install apps on the device.
    1. Who decides when students use a BYOD device?
      BYOD will be used for instructional purposes only. Teachers will communicate when BYOD is appropriate via a stoplight system.
    1. How do students take part in BYOD?
      Students and parents will sign the M2MS BYOD contract and return it to their 1st period teacher.
    1. Can students share devices?
      Students understand that they are prohibited from using any student device other than their own. It is clearly written in the contract that students are responsible for their own device(s).
    1. What happens if students misuse their device?
      BYOD is a privilege. There will be consequences for not following proper BYOD classroom procedures.
    1. What happens if the device is lost or stolen?
      By allowing a student to bring a device to school, the parent assumes liability for any damages or theft. School administration will investigate the issue and follow student conduct policy if needed. Students take full responsibility for their devices. Personal technology should not be left on campus before or after school hours and should never be left unattended.
    1. What technology support is provided?
      Students are responsible for troubleshooting their own devices. No staff member is permitted to provide technical support for student-owned devices.
    1. What network will my student's device attach to for BYOD?
      M2MS has a separate network specifically for BYOD - named WAKE-BYOD. Note this network will have to be manually entered into the device and will not show up when searching for available networks.
    1. Can students be on their 3G/4G/LTE network before and after school hours?
      While on school grounds, students should only be attached to the WAKE-BYOD network.
    1. Can BYOD devices be re-charged at school?
      M2MS is not responsible for providing facilities to charge devices. Devices are expected to be charged at home and put away if the battery loses its charge.
    1. Can students bring portable re-chargers?
      Yes, as long as it does not require electricity.  A place to re-charge devices will not be provided.
    1. What is Wake County Public School's stance on electronic devices at school?

    Board Policy 6446 governs the use of devices at school and defines students’ proper conduct and responsibilities while using WCPSS electronic information resources and tools. The entire AUP policy can be located on pages 17-19 in the WCPSS Student Parent Handbook or is available online here.

    1. Who will insure students are appropriately using their device?
      Teachers will monitor student use of devices.
    1. How will parents be involved in the BYOD process?
      Parents can give input on BYOD at the Parent Nights. Administration and parents that have had students participate in BYOD at other schools can help address your concerns, too.
    1. If a device is “parked” and a student or staff member touches, drops it, or ruins it; will the device be reimbursed?
      Situations involving damage to a parked device will be dealt with on a case by case basis depending on the circumstances. No staff member is permitted to touch the student device, unless it is being confiscated for inappropriate usage.
    1. Can the contract be accepted with addendums/additions?
      No, student/parent contracts are only accepted as written. No modifications are permitted.
    1. If a student does not have a BYOD device, what do they do while those that have one are using their devices?
      BYOD is not designed for a 1:1 ratio. Teachers are designing instruction that is collaborative in nature and school owned devices are being used to supplement if needed. If technology is used to enhance a lesson, the teacher will make sure devices are equitable throughout the lesson. As part of the pilot, a team of teachers are learning about the capacity of different devices.
    1. Can students be on their device during lunch in the cafeteria?
      No, the cafeteria is an "Off Limits Zone," and usage is not permitted. Device usage is also not permitted in restrooms and locker rooms at any time.
    1. Is a device required in class?
      No, using a device in class is encouraged but not necessary. No student will be at any academic disadvantage by not having a device. All students will be able to succeed and thrive in each classroom whether a device is present or not.