• School House Chats

    Each year we engage in our School House Chats with students.  During this time we review expectations, resources, etc. that help to shape our school culture.  Below is information we covered during our fall 2017 chats.  If you have questions, please contact your student's administrator.

    Our Compelling Why

    During the presentation, we framed the compelling why of our expectations.  At Holly Springs High, we do not seek to be a culture of "don't" or "no."  We do seek to provide each student an atmosphere where they feel happy, healthy, and safe in their school environment.  We believe that this is critical if we are to have students take important, positive risks such as asking questions, seeking help, sharing their ideas, building new ideas, joining clubs, trying out for the play or a team, and more.  In taking these risks, we know that students grow.  In growing, students are solidifying and building their opportunities that they want to be present on the other side of the graduation stage.

    CLICK HERE to view the presentation slides related to this.

    General Presentation of Expectations

    The administrative team presented these topics.  Our goal was not to review all aspects of the Student Handbook or the WCPSS Handbook although we do expect all students to review those documents.  Instead, we wanted to present critical information to building our school environment and culture as described ablove.

    CLICK HERE to view the presentation slides related to this.

    Grade Level Discussions

    We also separated out into grade level discussions where we covered the following items.

    Grade 9

    Mr. Poppe (9th Grade Assistant Principal) primarily reviewed key topics for 9th graders including:  promotion guidelines to move from 9th to 10th Grade, expectations around HOT Lunch and options for students during this time, and the importance of seeking support from adults.

    Grade 10

    Students went over several items critical to 10th graders including the upcoming PSAT and Pre-ACT tests.  CLICK HERE to view the handout that 10th graders were given.

    Grade 11

    Students discussed the upcoming standardized testing that could help support their next steps and also discussed parking, off campus lunch passes, and more.  CLICK HERE to view the handout given to juniors.

    Grade 12

    Seniors discussed many topics critical to them including graduation requirements, key dates, avenues of support with senior activities, and more.  CLICK HERE to review the handout given to seniors.  Seniors also reviewed senior exam exemptions guidelines which you can view at this link.