Comix Club

  • Comix Club meets on the second Tuesday of every month from 2:20pm-4:15pm beginning August 13, 2019.

    Comix Club by Alyssa S. (Magnet Marketing WOW Wednesday class)

    The Comix Club is a club in which students from all grades come together to discuss, create, and debate different comics from Marvel to DC, and anything else that might be mentioned from a related topic. The students have a different topic to talk about each time, and it is full of comedy and debate. Past activities include card games, superhero vs. superhero debate, or even trying to make our own superhero short-comic. Some students also bring snacks to enjoy, as well as comics to borrow and bring back. The Comix Club meets once a month on Tuesdays in Mr. Anderson’s room.

    ...and yes, we have already confirmed that anime/manga fans are valid.

    Mr. Deiaco and Mr. Anderson are the sponsors.