• Remember:
    BYOD is a privilege,
    not a right

    1. An Internet-capable device...
    While laptops are preferred, netbooks, iPads, tablets, and smartphones are acceptable as well, so choose the device that works best for you.
    If you don't have a device available, your teacher may loan you a school-owned device for the duration of the class, or you may work with a group.
    2. A wireless network...
    A special network for BYOD is accessible at school.
    3. A Google account which includes Google Drive to store documents...WCPSS emails, Google accounts, and access to Google Apps for Education are provided by the county for every student.
    4. A bag, sleeve, or cover to protect the device...
    Please remember you are responsible for your device while using it on school campus.
    5. Signed RHS BYOD Agreement on file

BYOD is a Privilege not a right