• Rolesville HS  Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)


    Rolesville High School has been established as a Wake County Public Schools BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) school. The 2017-2018 school was our initial year of implementation. Teachers will incorporate BYOD into their lesson planning as they so choose. Please note that students who are unable to bring outside technology will be able to access and utilize the school’s equipment. No student will be left out of classroom instruction that requires technology.  This initiative will enable our students to become future-ready, empowering them with the “4 Cs” of 21st Century learning - collaboration, communication, creativity, and critical thinking to make decisions and solve problems.  Students are encouraged to bring their own technology devices to the classroom to enhance their learning experiences. 

    Definition of “Device”:

    With respect to BYOD, “device” means personal equipment that is but not limited to smartphones, tablets, or laptops that can be used for word processing or wireless internet access. 

    Security and Damages:

    Responsibility for the security of the device resides with the individual student. RHS is not liable for any device stolen or damaged on campus. If a device is stolen or damaged, the administration will handle the incident in a manner similar to other cases of stolen or damaged property. We highly recommend students personalize their devices with cases, decals, etc. in order to physically identify your device. Additionally, we encourage the use of protective cases for devices. 

    WCPSS Wifi Expectations:

    Students participating in BYOD will be given access to the WCPSS BYOD wifi. WCPSS BYOD wifi may only be accessed while on campus. Students are expected to adhere to the following WCPSS BYOD guidelines: 

    • no touch (teachers and students cannot touch each others' devices)
    • access WCPSS BYOD Wifi only (no 3G, 4G, or VPN service)
    • no printing at school
    • must use WCPSS email account

    WCPSS Student Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) Policy Code: 3225/4312/7320 Technology Responsible Use:

    This policy governs the use of WCPSS electronic resources and defines appropriate student conduct and responsibilities while using WCPSS electronic resources. 

    Click here to view the full AUP policy.