• What Devices Can Be Used in BYOD?
    Students can bring any device that has access to a wireless network. Examples include but are not limited to: ipad, iphone, itouch, nook, kindle, laptop.

    Who Decides When Students Use BYOD?
    BYOD will be used for instructional purposes only. Teachers will communicate to students when BYOD is appropriate.

    Can Students Share Devices?
    No, students are prohibited from using any students' device other than their own.  It is clearly written in the contract that students are responsible for their own device(s).

    What Happens if Students Misuse Their Device?
    BYOD is a privilege. Misuse=loss of privilege. This applies to personal or school devices

    What Happens if a Device is Lost or Stolen?
    WSES is not liable for damage, loss or theft of any device. We recommend using skins (decals) and protective cases for easy identification, differentiation, and protection of personal devices, as well as activating any location options (i.e. find my device).

    What Tech Support is provided?
    Students will be responsible for troubleshooting their own devices.

    Can BYOD Devices Charge At School?
    Devices are expected to be charged at home.

    My child left his/her device at home, can I bring it to them at school?
    Students are expected to bring devices to school in the morning and take them home in the afternoon. Parents are not allowed to drop off devices to students and students are not allowed to call home about forgotten devices.