East Cary Middle Converting to Traditional Calendar

  • East Cary Middle School is proposed to change to a traditional calendar in 2019-20. 

    Why is this happpening?

    Multi-track year-round schools are designed to make better use of school buildings by allowing them to accommodate more students. However, East Cary is under-enrolled as a year-round school. Converting to a traditional calendar would make better use of the facility, and allow K-8 calendar alignment for all schools in the area. 

    I live in a different base attendance area but attend East Cary Middle as a calendar application student. What would this change mean for me? 

    Depending on your base attendance area, you will be assigned to a different year-round application school.

    Use our address look-up tool and click on View Application Schools. Find your Year Round Application School. Your student would be assigned to that school in 2019-20, under this proposal.

    If your child will be an 8th grader in 2019-20, you may request to grandfather during the grandfather transfer period in November/December. This request is guaranteed to be approved. Any younger siblings would be eligible to grandfather for one year only. Grandfathered students are not eligible for district transportation.

    Any students may also request to attend their base school in 2019-20. This request can be made during the Request for Transfer period in February/March. This request is guaranteed to be approved unless your base school has an enrollment cap.

    Feedback and questions

    Visit our online forum to share your feedback and ask questions.