Battle of the Books Club

  • The Battle of the Books is a statewide reading program that motivates and encourages students who love to read and enjoy academic competition to broaden their reading interests.  Each year, the students are given a high-quality list of 22 diverse books to read and discuss. The early months of the school year are focused heavily on each team member reading their assigned books (at least 6),  before the second December meeting. At the first December meeting, students are quizzed on book titles and authors, an important component of preparing for competition. At the second December meeting, students will take a book knowledge test. A similar test will be given at the second January meeting. At that time, a group of students with the highest level of knowledge will be selected to move forward as team members and alternates.  The remaining meetings involve mock competitions, where the students get experience with the format of the district, region, and state-level competitions. Data is kept regarding each individual member's contribution of book knowledge, including ALL titles and authors, during the intra-team competition. This is used to determine which team members will serve as team captains. West Millbrook will take up to 10 students to the competition and two alternates.

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    • Author Pronunciation Audio Clips here.

    If you enjoy reading and LOVE competition, The Battle of the Books club may be for you.

    At WMMS, any student in 6th, 7th, or 8th grades may participate.

    2020-21 Interest Meeting:  September 2, 7:45 a.m. in the Media Center

    Meeting Dates (3:30 -4:30, Media Center) 

    • September 8

    • October 6

    • November 10

    • December 8 & 15

    • January 5, 12, 26  A decision will be made following the January 12 meeting as to which 10 students, and 2 alternates will move forward to the competition.

    • February - 2, 9, 23, unless the district competition is held before February 23.







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