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  • For those who were not able to attend our Informational Meeting:

    Even though it is doubtful that we'll will have a district competition this year, and may not ever be able to meet face-to-face (F2F) as a group at school this year, the informational meeting participants overwhelmingly voted to stay with the Battle of the Books format during the 20-21 school year.  With that in mind, we will have monthly virtual meetings in October and November to discuss books and other BOB business.  We will meet the THIRD TUESDAY from 7-8 pm during October and November. In December, January, and February, we will meet the FIRST and THIRD TUESDAY from 7-8 p.m.

    This follows the same format that we follow during a typical school year with a focus on reading as many books as possible in the Fall and then amping up our team activity when we are better equipped to compete.

    If the district develops a way to hold competitions between schools, we will be prepared, and if there is not a district-level competition, we'll have fun anyway!

    If you are interested in joining the BOB team, please complete the application form to the right of this text, and when it is complete, share it with me (  Though much of the information on the form will only be needed if we are ever able to meet F2F, it will let me know who intends to participate this year.  During the second week of October, I'll send a survey to determine when the majority of interested students would be able to attend virtual meetings.

    Regarding the books on our reading list this year, the library does not have all of the books in inventory, and due to the spending freeze we were not able to purchase them in advance.  Hopefully, we'll have the remaining titles soon.

    If you have a public library card, please use their Books on the Go service, click here for info.  Until students return to campus, West Millbrook is offering a drive-by library.  After students return to campus, the drive-by library service at West Millbrook will change.  Watch for details at that time.  Click here to read about that service and learn how to place a book on hold.  (This link is also found in the ACADEMICS dropdown on the West Millbrook homepage.)  There will be a one BOB book at a time checkout policy to maximize the number of team members who are able to have our limited BOB books.

    Please email me with questions!

    Mrs. Walters


    The Battle of the Books is a statewide reading program that motivates and encourages students who love to read and enjoy academic competition to broaden their reading interests.  Each year, the students are given a high-quality list of 22 diverse books to read and discuss. The early months of the school year are focused heavily on each team member reading their assigned books (at least 6),  before the second December meeting. At the first December meeting, students are quizzed on book titles and authors, an important component of preparing for competition.  The remaining meetings involve mock competitions, where the students get experience with the format of the district, region, and state-level competitions. Data is kept regarding each individual member's contribution of book knowledge, including ALL titles and authors, during the intra-team competition. This is used to determine which team members will serve as team captains and which students will compete in the district competition.  West Millbrook will take up to 10 students to the competition and two alternates.

    • Start reading from the new book list now.  Click here.
    • Author Pronunciation Audio Clips here.

    If you enjoy reading and LOVE competition, The Battle of the Books club may be for you.

    At WMMS, any student in 6th, 7th, or 8th grades may participate.







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Team Application Here

This link will COPY the application into your Google Drive.  For the 20-21 school year, you should "sign" the application with a digital signature, and then share the document with  Send a separate e-mail to to say that you have shared the file and are applying to be on the team.

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