2019-2020 Supply List for 4th Grade (label all items):


    Label below items:

    Pack of colored pencils

    4 plastic prong pocket folders: one red, one blue, one green, one any color

    1 composition book

    Clear view 1 ½ inch binder (clear pocket in front)


    Hand held sharpener

    2 hand held erasers

    1 pencil pouch (with 3 holes for binder)

    5 insertable plastic dividers for binder (needs to be 3 hole punched)

    Pack of Pencils (mechanical or Ticonderoga pre-sharpened for your child)

    Pack of 20 plastic page protectors


    For General Classroom Use (do not label):


    72 Pencils (Ticonderoga pre-sharpened works best)

    Pack of notebook paper

    Box of tissues

    2 packs of crayola markers

    Pack of colored pencils

    Large pack of glue sticks

    Clorox Cleaning wipes

    Boys Only                                          Girls Only


    Hand Sanitizer                                    Gallon or Quart size Ziploc bags

    Sandwich size ziploc bags                    Extra box of tissues