Supply List

  • 2017-18 5th Grade Supply List

    $3.00 for agenda
    3 1-inch binders (hard cover...please no larger than 1 inch)
    3 pack of 5 tab dividers
    1 zipper pouch for pencils/art supplies
    24 pack of high quality pencils (Dixon or Ticonderoga)
    1 box colored pencils
    1 box markers
    8 highlighters
    4 extra large glue sticks
    1 hand pencil sharpener
    1 pair of scissors
    2 marble composition books
    2 durable folders with three holes (no brads)
    1 box of tissues
    2 notebooks (spiral, wide ruled, 70 sheet)
    4 black dry erase markers
    1 ream white copy paper
    1 box of Clorox cleaning wipes
    2 packs of lined paper (wide ruled)
    Last name A-F: cardstock (white or color)
    Last name G-L: 1 pack of clear plastic sleeves
    Last name M-R: 4 pack of sticky notes
    Last name S-Z: Ziploc bags (quart size or gallon size)