• Pine Hollow Middle School Parent Session

    In collaboration with Pine Hollow Middle, you are invited to come out to Pleasant Grove Elementary to learn more about                                        the Middle School Transition.


    Topics will include:

    • The Elementary to Middle School Transition
    • The Sixth Grade Registration Process/Timeline
    • Math pathways
    • A Day in the life of a sixth grader
    • A parent’s role at your child’s new Middle School
    • Base School vs. Year-Round vs. Magnet
    • Magnet/Optional Calendar Online Application Process


    Date: February 2nd, 2017

    Time: 9:15-10:15am  OR 5:00-6:00pm

    Location: Pleasant Grove Elementary School


    All 5th grade parents are invited to attend the middle school parent session. If you plan to attend a parent session and would like an interpreter, please contact Pleasant Grove Elementary School, 919-694-8770.



    Thank you,

    Mallorie Curley, School Counselor



    919-694-8770 ext. 22844