• Committee Leaders: 
    Sports Committee Co-chairs: 
    Braxton Reese and Breyanna Vaughn
    "Our committee plans sporting events for Unified Champions"
    Outreach Committee Co-chairs:
    Lydia Close and Megan Gilmore
    "Our committee involves Unified Champions with the student body"
    Publicity Committee Co-chairs:
    Sydney Crisanti and Sophia Simmons
    best committee ever
    "Our committee promotes the club, engineers the website, and makes yearbooks so the memories of our champions can be everlasting"
    Holiday Committee Co-chairs:
    Gabbie Wray and Ally Beck
    "Our committee does crafts, decorations, and fun activities for the holidays"
    Fundraising Committee Co-chairs:
    Anna Garvey and Hope Dominique
    "Our committee provides creative solutions to raise money for Unified Champions"
    Arts Committee Co-chairs:
    Ally Latvala and Emily Pierce and Grace Mallo
    "Our committee exposes Unified Champions to the arts"