• Committee Leaders: 
    Sports Committee Co-chairs: 
    Braxton Reese and Ashleigh Brackett
    "Our committee plans sporting events for Unified Champions"
    Outreach Committee Co-chairs:
    Lydia Close and Hannah Reynolds
    "Our committee involves Unified Champions with the student body"
    Publicity Committee Co-chairs:
    Emma Lewis and Sydney Crisanti
    "Our committee promotes the club, engineers the website, and makes yearbooks so the memories of our champions can be everlasting"
    Holiday Committee Co-chairs:
    April Houghland and Alison Schilf
    "Our committee does crafts, decorations, and fun activities for the holidays"
    Fundraising Committee Co-chairs:
    Tyler Bland and Hope Dominique
    "Our committee provides creative solutions to raise money for Unified Champions"
    Music Committee Co-chairs:
    Ally Latvala and Emily Pierce
    "Our committee exposes Unified Champions to the wonders of song"