• Goals

    Our Goals are to develop each student's...

    1. Motor Skills-Walk, Gallop, Stretch, Static and Dynamic Movements…)
    2. Physical Fitness- Aerobic Fitness, Strength & Conditioning…)
    3. Cognative Concepts- Applying movement with a variety of skills…)
    4. Personal Social Character Traits- Following directions, Cooperation, Respect…

    Our Physical Education program will also incorporate analytical strategies that align with the school/TAP goal to focus on comprehension strategies. This will be accomplished by incorporated HOTS (questioning) for K-5. These skills will be used at the end of every PE session to help assess lessons as well as help students become deeper thinkers, and problem solvers.




    The Essential Standards

    The North Carolina Department of Public Instructions has developed a set of "Essential Standards" in Physical Education for each grade level. Click on the link below to view the standards for your child's grade level.

    North Carolina Essential Standards for Physical Education