Instructor Common Practice

  • Common Practices and Verbiage Used by Instructors:


    BYOD Availability in classrooms will come at the discretion of the instructor. 

    "Green" Rooms indicate that personal electronic devices will be used and can be out that day.

    "Yellow" Rooms indicate personal electronic devices can be brought into the classroom, but the usage must be directed specifcally by the teacher. 

    "Red" Rooms indicate personal electronic devices are prohibited in this area of the school.  


    Common Verbiage: 

    "Screen-Check" - All students must hold up device screen so the teacher can clearly see it
    "Park your device" - Students should put their device (screen closed/down) on the top right of their table
    "10 and 2" - Devices should only be used on top of table, not hidden from instructor
    "Park in the Garage" - Students should leave phones in a common (secure) area in the classroom to be picked up after class.




    (If student does not ahere to the policies outlined in the signed BYOD contract)

    1st Strike- Warning, park device or put it away for the day

    2nd Strike- Parent contact, put the device away for the day

    3rd Strike and thereafter- Administrative referral, parent contact, device will be confiscated and securely locked in front office where it must be picked up by a parent


  • Common Areas:

    Permission of electronic device usage in the hallways, cafeteria, and other common school grounds are to be decided upon in the near future. 

    *During the pilot group program, electronic devices are ONLY to be used in those piloting teahers' classrooms. 

    common areas