• Student Clubs and Activities



    Chess Club

    Students will learn chess fundamentals and strategies that enhance learning skills and critical thinking.  Research shows there is a strong correlation between learning to play chess and academic achievement.  You can build confidence while having fun, competing and learning to focus.  All levels of students are encouraged to sign up.  This is a 12 week session.  It is open for all students grades 2-5.  It is on Fridays from Oct 7 - Dec 16.  There is a fee of $110.  Students will meet from 3-4:10 pm in the art room.  If you have questions contact improve@trianglechess.com or 919-272-8017.



    Run Club

    January 2017

    We are happy to announce that the Running Club of MCES will be beginnng again soon. We had a great first session and hope to continue this semester.  We look forward to motivating students to achieve a healthy lifestyle and continue to be phsically fit.  

    This semster run club will be offered in an 8 week session.  We will meet Monday afternoons from 3 - 4 p,.  Will will have an MCES 5K at the end of this session and more information will be sent at a later time.

    We plan to launch the Run Club on Febuary 27.  Will will practice running various distance off campus but in surrounding neighborhoods when we have sufficeint volunteers.  If we do not have enough volunteers we will plan to run around the soccer field at Middle Creek Park.On the days that the eather does not cooperate, we will work on skills and drills in the gym at MCES.  

    Please click here for important information about run club and registration information



    Art Club

    In each art club session, students learn new techniques to improve their art skills. Students study the works of different artists and gain an understanding of how art influences the world. Each art club meets five times and over the last year, we've studied the artworks of Michaelangelo, Picasso, Keith Haring, as well as explored many new mediums and techniques such as salt painting and origami. The goal is to help interested students develop their skills in a studio environment.