Our Magnet Program Provides Unique Creative Experiences

  • Our Young Artists Grow Their Creativity in a Close Knit Aristic Setting 



    At the Academy students engage in Creative Thinking. Our young artists are problem solvers who are ready to develop solutions to the dilemmas of tomorrow


    EM3 AVPA is a small school with a student population of just under 800 students conveniently located in North Raleigh


    Our small learning environment provides us with the flexibility to address the needs of many kinds of learners.  AIG students receive differentiated instruction and enjoy multiple electives a day without sacrificing one for the other.   Our small class sizes can accomodate students who may need more individualized instruction. Our arts integrated approach to teaching and learning provides rigor for students who are ready to take on more, and provides equitable access to academic growth.  Most core classes have around 22 students and our elective classes boast a wide range of sizes. Students receive daily instruction in core subjects and attend three electives per day.


    Our Magnet Arts Academy Offers


    • Abundant arts elective choice
    • Arts Integrated lessons in core and elective content areas
    • Double period arts elective (Guild Classes) Exclusively offered at the Academy!
    • Frequent Guest Artists/Artists in Residence
    • Numerous Arts centered field trip opportunities


    Our robust elective catalog, with over 100 electives, provides numerous opportunities for creative exploration.  The majority of our elective classes are arts centered, including our Guild Classes. Guild classes are a daily double - period of arts instruction and are exclusively offered at our Academy. But, we don't simply offer electives, we embed creativity and arts instruction into all that we do. We integrate the arts into core classes, we bring in Guest Artists and Artists in Residence to work with our students, and, we offer Arts centered field trips throughout the year. Students who attend our Academy increase problem solving ability,  increase creativity,  increase collaborative skills, increase artistic skill, and grow skills in communication and leadership.  

    To further support the development of a creative community which nutures creativity, imagination and innovative thinking in students, we collaborate with Arts organizations and teaching artists from across the nation. These Arts partners enhance the professional growth of our teachers.

    At East Millbrook we ensure that students receive the most comprehensive arts education possible. For more information on each facet of our program use the tabs to the left. Please explore all we have to offer at the Academy.


    If you have questions about our Magnet Program please contact Joanna Caves - acaves@wcpss.net 

  • Artistic training provides your student with the skills needed on and off the stage!


    Arts + Information Synthesis - Our young artists can synthesize information in new and compelling ways.  Students learn new information using an art form or, demonstrate their understanding of information using the arts.


    Arts + Visualization/Innovation - The East Millbrook young artist learns how to visualize a problem and will use creativity to innovate the solution. The ability to visualize ideas and then bring those ideas to fruition is a crticial 21st Century Skill.


    Arts + Focus - Working creatively builds student focus, persistence and endurance. These work habits are critical to success in all areas of study. At the Academy, we ask students to examine their own work, reflect on their product, revise where necessary, and then present a finished product.


    Arts + Detail - Attention to detail is an indispensable skill for any young learner. At the Academy we teach students to look at the big picture, identify a specific problem and correct it on a finite scale.

    Questions? Please contact our Magnet Coordinator Joanna Caves acaves@wcpss.net