East Millbrook Academy of the Visual and Performing Arts (AVPA)

  • Please contact our Magnet Coordinator with any questions.
    Dylan Eyre
    (919) 850-8755 ext. 27359

     Wake County has a new home for the arts:  The East Millbrook Academy of the Visual and Performing Arts

    • Students are offered the opportunity to explore the arts in leveled, progressive visual and performing arts classes.
    • Arts course offerings: 2D Visual Art, 3D Visual Art, Theatre, Chorus, Band, Orchestra, Dance, Piano Lab, and Electric Strings.

    The Guild

    • Students who seek deep study in a chosen art form can take a double-period arts Guild class.  Imagine 2 back-to-back class periods every school day to practice and advance in your child's artistic passion.  This is available only at East Millbrook.
    • Guild classes are creative artistic laboratories made up of the most devoted and talented visual and performing art students.

    Living the Arts every day: Arts Integration that reaches every student on campus

    • All students learn about the arts through:
      • Arts-integrated experiences in all classes on campus
        • Driven by our amazing Arts Integration Specialist who is the only one of her kind in WCPSS
        • Standards-based arts education helping students to more deeply connect and excel in Math, Language Arts, Science, and Social Studies classes
      • Artists-in-residence
        • Professional artists working directly with East Millbrook students
      • Arts-centered field trips and performances
      • Arts-focused service learning projects