• Homework Policy

    At Wilburn, we believe homework prepares students for independence, makes a clear connection to classroom learning, and builds a partnership between school, home, and community.

    Teachers will:

    • Allow students to work on homework for morning work
    • NOT penalize students for not bringing in homework
    • Provide online resources (websites, video links) to support understanding
    • Give no more than 30 minutes of practice work each night.
    • Be open to differentiate homework for specific student needs
    • Plan work that spirals standards to practice previously learned skills
    • Communicate specific homework procedures and specific examples via website and Class DOJO
    • Provide feedback and time for students to communicate scheduling and content challenges


    Families will:

    • Communicate through Class DOJO if they have questions
    • Access online resources through teacher websites
    • Provide a routine and a space for children to complete homework
    • Provide help/feedback after the child has attempted work on his/her own


    Students will:

    • Attempt homework independently
    • Share work with family
    • Communicate scheduling and content challenges regarding homework with the teacher