• Policies
    • HRMS Student Device Expectations 

      HRMS Expectations: The use of personal devices to support educational experience is not a necessity, but a privilege

      1. Students will accept full responsibility of their device and keep it with them at all times. HRMS is not responsible for the loss, damage, misuse, or theft of personally owned devices brought to school.

      2. Unless otherwise permitted during a teacher monitored class activity, students may not use any device to record, transmit, or post photos/video of a person(s) on campus. This provision applies to all students and school personnel at any time and location.

      3. Students will never be required to allow another student to use or handle their device.

      4. Personal devices shall be charged prior to bringing it to school and shall be capable of running off its own battery while at school. Devices should not be dropped off at the front office if a student forgets it at home.

      5. Students must be connected to the BYOD WCPSS Wi-Fi at all times.  Using any other network is not permitted.

      6. Violations of any Board policies, administrative procedures or school rules involving a student’s personal electronic device may result in the loss of BYOD privileges and/or disciplinary consequences.