• Frequently Asked Questions


    What if I do not have a device to bring to school?

    No student will be penalized for not having a device. Students may be grouped with other students or will be provided with a school-owned device.

    Can other students use my device?

    You are the only person who may touch your device. No teacher or other student will be allowed touch your device.

    What are acceptable devices?

    Any device that can access the internet. Examples include laptops, tablets, smartphones, and Kindles.

    When may I use my device?

    Your teacher will determine when it is appropriate to use your device in class. Please follow the classroom guidelines that are provided in all BYOD classrooms.

    What if my device is damaged or stolen?

    If you bring a device to school, you are responsible for that device not Apex High School or WCPSS. Please remember that you are not required to bring a device. Please be careful with it and keep it with you at all times. You (or your parents) may want to consider buying insurance or an extended warranty for it.

    Where is the best place to store my work so I can access it at school and at home? Will I be able to access my student drive (H) at home?

    The best place to store your work is in your WCPSS-provided Google account since it is available to you at school and at home. While you can use your student drive (H) at school, you will not be able to access it at home.

    How do I access the internet?

    Your teachers will explain how to access the BYOD network. This is a another, faster network that you must use when you bring your device to school. If you need help outside of class, please go to the media center for assistance.

    Why can’t I use my 3G/4G network during school?

    When using your device at school, you must use the BYOD network. It is faster and safer than a 3G/4G network.

    What if I have trouble connecting my device to the BYOD network?

    You are responsible for maintaining your device and the connection to the internet. Teachers may not be able to solve all network connectivity issues.

    Will there be charging stations?

    At this time Apex HS does not have charging stations. Please bring a fully charged device to school with you.

    Will I need to purchase any special apps or software?

    No. Apex HS will be using Google Apps, web sites, and WCPSS provided digital resources.