• Requirements


    If you decide you would like to participate in BYOD, you will bring your own device and WCPSS will provide the wireless network and a Google Apps account.

     What you will need:

    • A device that connects to the internet. Examples include laptops, tablets, smartphones, and Kindles. No student will be penalized for not having a device. Students may be grouped with other students or will be provided with a school-owned device.
    • A wireless network. A different, faster network is provided for BYOD. You must use this network for BYOD at Apex HS.
    • WCPSS-provided Google account. Please use the google account provided to you by WCPSS as it will allow you to access your work at school and at home. Your username and password is the same as your WCPSS-provided email account. If you have trouble accessing your account, please come to the media center for assistance.
    • A contract signed by the student and their parent/guardian. Before participating in BYOD you and your parent/guardian will need to sign BYOD Agreement.