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     What Are The Main Reasons For BYOD? 

    • Student participation increases
    • Collaboration and communication increase
    • Provides personalized instruction
    • Learning becomes student-driven
    • Allows more devices per classroom
    • Student is familiar with and can customize his/her own device 


    What Devices can my child bring?

    Your child may bring internet-enabled devices that can connect to the district’s wireless network.. Devices may include, but are not limited to: 

    • iPod Touches
    • iPads
    • tablet computing devices
    • smartphones
    • laptops
    • netbooks

    What About Controlling Where My Child Goes? What Kind Of Sites Will They Be Using? 

    • There is a network dedicated just for the BYOD program.
    • To add it to your child’s device: WAKE-BYOD
    • We have the same filters on our BYOD network as on our regular network.
    • Parents should set restrictions on the device. If you do not know how to do that, please ask for help!
    • Students will be expected to follow the Brooks BYOD contract.

     What If My Child Can’t Bring In A Device?

    Students who cannot bring outside technology will be able to access and utilize the school’s equipment.

    NO student will be left out of classroom instruction. 

    How Are Devices Currently Being Used?

    • Research topics being discussed in class
    • Digital Portfolios (Google & Seesaw)
    • Collaborate on Google Docs (Ecosystem Project – using Google Slides)
    • Google Classroom
    • QR Codes – allows students to self-check their answers, or lead students through an activity
    • Kahoot or Plickers – used to gauge student’s understanding of the topic being taught