News & Observer article: "Database: 2015-16 NC school performance"

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    AUGUST 29, 2016 11:13 AM


    Database: 2015-16 NC School Performance

    State education leaders released Thursday the school performance results for the 2015-16 school year. The General Assembly requires every North Carolina public school to receive an A through F performance grade.

    The grades are based on standardized end-of-grade tests in reading and math for grades three through eight, science in grades five and eight and end-of-course tests in three school subjects. High schools are also evaluated on their graduation rate, ACT and ACT WorkKeys results and percentage of students who complete Math III.

    What do the numbers mean?

    Calculating the grade: Grades were based on a 15-point scale with an A equal to 85 to 100, B equal to 70 to 84, a C equal to 55 to 69, a D equal to 40 to 54 and an F equal to less than 40. Schools that qualify for an A and don’t have significant achievement gaps received an A+ grade.

    Calculating the grade score: Eighty percent is based on passing rate on state exams and 20 percent is based on academic growth on those exams. If a school meets expected growth but its inclusion would lower the overall score and grade, the school can omit its use.

    Interpreting the results: The percentage passing for each school is based on how many students scored a Level 3, 4 or 5 on end-of-grade and end-of-course exams.

    Students are expected to meet goals for progress. The goals are tailored to each school, based mainly on results of tests students took in previous years. Students are expected to show a year’s worth of growth, regardless of where they started and if they pass.

    The chart shows each school’s performance grade, score, percentage at grade level, growth goal and percentage of economically disadvantaged students. For example, at Abbotts Creek Elementary, which got a B with a score of 70; students passed 65.8 percent of state exams; the school met (M) its academic growth goal; and 26 percent of its students are economically disadvantaged.

    Growth Status

    Not Met: Most students failed to show a year's worth of growth in classroom material.

    Met: Most students showed they made a year's worth of growth.

    Exceeded: Most students showed more than a year's worth of growth.

    N/A: Indicates a school does not have tested grades/sufficient data for reporting.

    Grade level percent: Percentage of students who are proficient

    Economically disadvantaged percent: Percentage of students who are economically disadvantaged



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