The PSAT is a College Board examination administered in October of every school year. It is an officially released version of a previously administered SAT exam. The exam is scored from 20-80 for each of the three parts, Critical Reading, Mathematics and Writing. It is administered to all Wake County sophomores, and to freshmen and juniors who choose to register for the exam. The PSAT itself has NO bearing on college admissions. So, why take it?

    A) The PSAT provides you with good information about what you can do to prepare for the SAT examinations you might take later on.

    B) The PSAT is used by the National Merit Scholarship Corporation to qualify students for various scholarships based on their Junior year PSAT scores.

    C) Colleges and universities use the information from the PSAT as a means to begin communicating with students regarding higher education and financial aid opportunities.

    Click here to view a video about getting ready for the PSAT (2010)

    Click here for a powerpoint about interpreting the PSAT

    The district will administer the PSAT on Wednesday, October 14 and all high schools will serve as testing sites.

    While all high school students and some middle school students can register to take the PSAT, the district will only pay for 11th grade students who are likely to qualify for the National Merit Scholarship. Any other students interested in taking the PSAT can pay $17 to take the assessment. The district will pay for the administration of current 11th grade students who have a GPA in the top 10% of the district. The GPA cutoff will be provided in the fall of the 2020-21 school year. Eleventh grade students with a GPA below the cutoff will pay the $17 exam fee. Schools are able to request fee waivers for any student who is unable to pay $17 fee by June 28. Schools are able to submit requests for additional fee waivers after the June 28 deadline, but a limited number will be available. These requests will be processed on a first-come, first-served basis.

    Please note, per state requirements, the district will already be administering the PreACT to all 10th grade students during the fall, free of charge. The test will be between October 15 and November 30. We will provide the test date as soon as it is set.

    Students who wish to test with accommodations must have that information submitted to College Board by August 25

    Application forms will be posted as they become available.