• What happened to Active Learning & Technology? 

    The essence of our program that began years and years ago, has happily become best practices! This is a very positive thing! As we prepare students for their futures, we were in need of a regroup. Teachers and partners have been involved in visioning where do we go from here? We explored all the amazing aspects that we love about Conn and found a way to keep them, but enhance what we are offering. This transition is simply a shift and enhancement to the wonderful programs we have in place. It is not the extreme school make-over that a magnet program chance usually initiates. Teachers will continue to receive professional development and support throughout the year, as this program grows and develops. Students will still be active learners who use technology, but we will also offer another mindset to increase their readiness for the world around them. 

    What about active learning? 

    Students will still be engaged in hands-on collaborative learning on a daily basis that stretches their mind. 

    What about the technology? 

    We will continue to grow and improve the technology we offer. Students will have the opportunity to explore Computer Science through focus areas and modules. Conn is growing our makerspace (wait for the big unveiling!) to include less traditional technology such as 3D printing, 3D scanning, MaKey MaKey kits, LittleBits, soldering, and so much more. 

    What about focus areas? 

    Focus areas will offer the same great content, but also be more connected with professionals in our community. When participating in digital photography they will meet a photographer, when doing set design they will go see the making of a set, when learning about dance we will video conference with a choreographer preparing for her next production, and so much more. Our goal is for them to see how they could pursue parts of these focus areas in their future. 

    What about STEM? 

    We will continue to be an active participant in the WCPSS STEM Collaborative Network, as well as gear science instruction toward true STEM implementation. Modules will be adapted to include and celebrate the entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial opportunities aligned with the specific unit they are teaching. In grades K-3, all teachers will teach all modules to allow us to better streamline resources and partnerships, as well as increase content integration. 

    What about Spanish? 

    Students will continue having Spanish as an opportunities during their focus areas. Spanish and cultural awareness are critical skills for any entrepreneur, and truthfully any career.