• What will this look like? 

    The E in STEM is Entrepreneurship! 

    Students will continue to participate in STEM through Project Based Learning (PBL) Modules. These have shifted throughout the day, so that we can better share resources and spaces within the building. Throughout each quarter, students will participate in a PBL unit to engage in entrepreneurial design as it relates to their science content. During this module, they will learn from partnerships that share the entrepreneurial mindset, specifically aiming to connect them with entrepreneurs and start-ups. For example, as they learn about plants and soils in third grade, we will partner with a nursery, a company inspired by the shortage of bees in the area, and video conference with a company about their innovative design to aid in growing plants! It is through these experiences, that will allow students to demonstrate their own ingenuity to identify a problem and design a marketable solution. 


    Big Idea Week 

    In connection with Big Idea Week in the Bronx, during this school wide event, we will engage students in a Launch simulation as they drive their buisness ideas to completion through our Design Process. The project and depth of development will vary between grade levels. Stay tuned as we hope to pair mentors with grade levels! 


    Focus Areas

    To be an artist, athete, performer, actor/actress, dancer -- you must be an entrepreneur! Each individual has unique creative skills that they must be able to market and design their brand around their abilities. We will encourage our students as they participate in focus areas to think about this as a career pathway, and the entrepreneurial mindset it will take to get them there. Students will also get to hear from professionals as guest speakers, or through video conferences, or excursions to really explore the skills necessary to make that focus area a career. So many computer scientists are developing innovation solutions as they learn programming to solve consumer problems. What skill is more applicable than Spanish? As the world grows smaller, and we get closer, communication and culture is critical. Students will gain an understanding of how these areas also can play a role in any other pathway they choose. 


    Genius Time

    As we build in time in our daily schedule, students will have opportunities to develop their genius-ness! This time may be spent building on skills that are most challenging for them, working with specialists, enriching their learning, or digging deeper into their passion project. Google implements a genius hour to allow employees to follow their interests, our goal is to allow students this opportunity as well at some point during the school day. It provides us a set time during the day to re-teach and support students as well, hopefully sparking a passion for content along the way! 


    Community Partnerships

    We might have mentioned, our community is really important to us! We are very lucky to be near the heart of downtown where entrepreneurial design occurs daily! Conn will be establishing and developing partnerships to support our students in their entreneurial climb through places such as HQ Raleigh, Raleigh's Economic Development team, Innovate Raleigh, NCSU Entrepeneurial Clinic, and many more! We cannot wait to see the connections we make as continue on this journey. 


    Continuous Growth... Climbing New Heights

    We ask for patience, courage, and enthusiasm as we go where no school has really gone before! There are a few on the west coast attempting entreprepreneurial design, but very few. As opportunities become available and we continue to learn and grow as a staff and Conn family, we hope that our program will grow with us. We have been through this before, as we began Active Learning & Technology when no one else was. Teachers will continue to receive professional development and support throughout the year, as this program grows and develops. We want the very best for our students and know that their futures are bright. They have ideas in their head and passion in their heart, we strive to foster the whole child and target their greatest potential as we prepare them for an ever changing world. 


    If you have any questions, please reach out to our Magnet Coordinator, Linnea Gibson, lgibson2@wcpss.net