• Frequently Asked Questions

    1. How many students do you have in your classes?

    K – 21/22…the overall avg. is 25 per class 1st – 5th

    2.  What does your AIG program look like?

    a.   Our 4th and 5th grade identified students are pulled out twice a week per area identified rather than 1 time a week. 

    b.   Our 3rd grade students are pulled 1 time a week for Explorers enrichment.

    c.    Our K-2 students participate in our AIG KITs program through help of parent volunteers.

    3.    How often do students go to specials?

    a.    We have 6 specials – visual arts, music, dance, drama, physical education and science.  Students visit 1 special a day on a rotating 6 day cycle. 

    b.   Every 2 weeks, classroom teachers and MI specialists work together to plan or provide FULL collaboration activities.  These are activities that the classroom teachers or the entire grade level and the specialists work together to teach a curriculum strand they are working on in the classroom.

    4.   What is Arts Integration?

    Being an A+ school, our mission is to provide all students curricular instruction through the use of the arts in all subjects.  This involves a collaborative, multi-disciplined approach, with the arts continuously woven into every aspect of a child’s learning. 

    5.     What are the Multiple Intelligences and examples of what that looks like? 

    a.   We focus our arts integration around the “Smarts” to insure a balanced curriculum…they are:

    ·         Math smart – creating a game about fractions

    ·         Art smart  - mosaics in fractional parts

    ·         Music smart – creating a rap about fractions

    ·         Nature smart – finding fractions in nature

    ·         People smart – teaching others about fractions

    ·         Self smart – assessing your own understanding of fractions – math

    ·         Word smart – write a fraction story

    ·         Body smart – represent fractions through physical activities.  Running portions of a mile around the             track.