• Dear Baucom Family,

    Baucom Elementary School is a dynamic learning center with a dedicated staff committed to empowering students for success. Our teachers engage students within a culture of excellence enriched by parents, an active PTA, and a supportive community to provide exciting learning activities that are individualized to meet the needs of each child.  I encourage open communication and set high expectations for all students and staff.  It is my daily goal to be visible, accessible, supportive of parents and staff, and actively involved in all facets of the school and its mission.

    Our A.V. Baucom Aviators are taught in a safe, caring, and nurturing environment where they feel secure in taking ownership of their learning. Our teachers participate in Professional Learning Teams to analyze data from on-going assessments, monitor student progress, and plan exciting learning experiences for students to enjoy while achieving academically.  Lessons are designed to spark curiosity and provide motivational energy.  

    Community and family involvement at Baucom Elementary contributes to student success. Parents, staff, and students participate in Family Fun Nights, Festivals, and Family Dining Nights. Additionally, student involvement in a variety of clubs extends instruction on a daily basis. 

    Empowering students for success is the catalyst for every academic decision made at Baucom Elementary School.  Our ongoing efforts are effective: Baucom is an absolutely wonderful place for our Aviators to learn and grow!


    Suzanne Owen