• AIG Team

     We are the AIG Team at Douglas! We Are Douglas!


    Heidi Bledsoe and Kimberly Womble are the AIG Team at Douglas! We teach K-5 students and our goal is to enrich the academic experience for all students as they demonstrate readiness in their classroom work and behaviors. Additionally we meet with teachers weekly in PLTs and team planning to collaborate the best ideas for differentiation in the regular classroom. 

    AIG Services:

    4th and 5th Identified Students

    Resource services are provided for 4th and 5th grade identified students once a week per identified area.  Additionally, students have a daily enrichment opportunities in the classroom across the academic subjects. 


    4th and 5th Enrichment

    Additional students may be given the option to join our resource groups if their classwork & assessments exemplify Level 4 thinking and mastery.  Before a student is added as an "enrichment student" to the resource groups, we meet with the classroom teacher to discuss the student evidence (data) to support this move.  Parents will be notified of this possible addition to their child's academic experience.  

    3rd Grade

    AIG Identification

    3rd Grade is the AIG testing year.  All students will be tested in November with the CogAT and then again in December with the IOWA if their CogAT scores are 85% or higher in any area.  These scores are used in addition to work evidence through classroom learning and Fall Explorers classes to determine a need for gifted identification



    Before the end of the 1st quarter, lessons take place in all 3rd grade classrooms to go over the practice activities for the CogAT assessment. Additionally, classroom teachers gather evidence through formative assessments to determine which students show gifted behaviors in their thinking and learning. This data is used to determine participation in the enrichment groups. Students will then meet as a resource group throughout the quarter to work on enriched experiences within math and/or language arts. The student groups may vary from math to language arts depending on the academic abilities of the students during the classroom lessons and their previous classroom work.  The work during this program will be used as evidence to support or not support the decision of gifted identification in the spring of 2020.