• RAMS Academy Need to Knows

    • Students will take four classes each semester. They will take English I, at least one Math, Healthful Living, Earth Science or Honors Biology, World History (Academics/Honors), and elective classes over the course of the year. 
    • Freshman will need a minimum of six credits at the end of the year to become a sophomore.
      • Specific classes required for promotion include:

    -English I

    -2 of the 3 core subject classes

    Math (Intro to Math, Math I, Math II or higher)

    Science (Earth Science or Biology)

    Social Studies (World History)

     -Minimum of 3 additional credits (core and/or elective)

    • Students will be offered time for remediation and make-up sessions daily during RAMS Readiness Time.
    • Students will take an EOC Test at the completion of Common Core Math I. The EOC test will count for 25% of the student's overall grade. 
    • Progress Reports are sent home every 3 weeks for Core and Healthful Living Courses in the Academy. 
    • Report Cards are sent home every 9 weeks. These reports include comments from the teacher, attendance for the grading period and class average. 
    • Questions? Concerns? Email your student's teachers, which are located under the Directory tab. Communication between students, parents and teachers are a vital part of making the Freshman Year a Success!