• RAMS Academy Expectations

    All students are expected to conduct themselves in a manner befitting themselves, their home, school and community at all times. Therefore, all students must comply with the following rules:

    • RAMS Academy Students will show respect for others and themselves through their appearance and behavior.
    • RAMS Academy Students will come to class on time and be prepared to participate and learn.
    • RAMS Academy Students will respect the learning environment and the rights of others to learn.
    • RAMS Academy Students will take ownership for their learning and their future as is befitting of high school students.
    • RAMS Academy Students will follow all WCPSS, RHS, Academy and classroom rules.


    Classroom Expectations

    Be Respectfulto yourself, to each other, to the teacher, to the class, to your school

    Be Accountable and Accept Responsibility - Have all materials for class, including any assignments due. Be prepared for discussions and test, take ownership of your actions. 

    Be willing to Make Good Choices - to give your best and create the personal conditions for a great future.

    Be Safe - By making sure you are following school rules and procedures, and holding yourself and your peers accountable for a safe and orderly school environment.