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    In a time when teens and young adults are confronted by so many choices, how do we ensure that they will make the right decisions? How do we ensure that they are able to weigh the risks and benefits of different choices that they make in life--whether with regards to the lifestyle they adopt, the food they eat, the activities they engage in, etc.? Unfortunately, we cannot absolutely ensure that they will make the right decisions, but we can educate them about all of these things in hopes that they will make the best informed decision, which is exactly what our courses in physical education and healthful living strive to do.

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HEALTHFUL LIVING I The completion of Healthful Living I is a North Carolina high school graduation requirement. The course consists of the required high school healthful living essential standards and clarifying objectives approved by the North Carolina State Board of Education and required by the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction. After completing Healthful Living I students are encouraged to pursue other Healthful Living electives. Physical education components include the progressive development o
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