• The A+ Essentials – at Douglas

    Arts - Valuing arts integration, arts education and arts exposure as essential to creativity and learning

    • In-house cultural arts experiences
    • Arts Integration coach on staff
    • A+ staff training – 38 staff members went to Asheville this summer to attend this professional development.

    Curriculum - Planning intentional integration of disciplines to promote enthusiasm for learning

    • Additional planning time for teachers
    •      Collaboration planning days between teachers and MI specialists to schedule full collaboration days for curriculum & arts integration experiences across the MI classes for all students.

    Enriched Assessment - Developing experiential, collaborative and reflective measures of mastery, beyond testing

    • Weekly PLT meetings for teachers to analyze data for their students to determine best steps.

    Multiple Learning Pathways - Providing many different learning opportunities to support development of the whole child

    • MI specials – all students experience all of the specials (art, music, dance, drama, PE and science)
    • AIG classes meet twice a week per subject area for 4th – 5th grades
    • Enrichment classes with the AIG specialists for 3rd grade students demonstrating mastery based on pre-assessments.
    •  K-2 AIG Kits program – via parent volunteers
    • 3 Collaboration Spaces on campus for art integration activities: Collaboration Station, Think Tank and Creative Cave

    Experiential Learning - Creating hands-on, real world application of learning standards to support engagement, innovation and critical thinking

    • Collaboration with AIG specialist
    • Collaboration with Instructional Coaches
    • Collaboration with the Arts Integration Coach
    • Collaboration spaces for staff and students
    • Artists in Residence
    • In house science field trips for all grade levels
    • TEK clubs are held after school for 6 week intervals - fall, winter and spring
    • Club Day once a month for all students during the instructional day.  Focus is on allowing students to spend time learning about something they are interested in: chess, yoga, robotics, etc. 

    Collaboration - Strengthening partnerships across the school community while promoting shared leadership and intentional connections

    The PTA supports the school with:

    • ARTS night (Artopia guests) – staff created Art experiences for parents and students. 
    • Reflections – we had 48 students participate last year with a total of 57 entries!
    • Scripps National Spelling Bee
    • K-2 Pumpkin Storybook Character Contest with b.good at North Hills. 
    • Student artwork has been in North HillsLooking Ahead….
    • Literacy Night – students come in their PJs and enjoy read aloud time with their parents while sipping hot chocolate and eating cookies.
    • Science Night -  guests from NC State, Barre, SMILE organization and more to bring science to life for our students.

    Infrastructure - Organizing school priorities and schedule to support transformative learning and shared vision

    • Increased intentional planning time has been scheduled for classroom teachers before school to support arts integration and rigorous academic instruction which meets all student instructional needs. 
    •  Weekly PLT meetings with administration and grade levels. 

    Climate - Building a creative, supportive environment where teachers and students are excited about learning together

    • PBIS – ROAR pledge, Students earn Dragon Dollars, PBIS assemblies to recognize good citizenship, Golden Lunch Tray award and the Golden Dust Pan Award
    • Live morning news show (WDES) performed by students every day.
    • Ice breakers kickoff staff meetings to encourage a motivating environment.
    • Daily morning meetings for students with their classroom teachers to discuss classroom and school climate needs Dragon Post-Its
    • Art outings for staff
    • PTA family nights