safety patrol student walking a younger student

Safety Patrol


    Rand Road Elementary School Safety Patrol students must be fifth grade students who apply and are accepted for the position, having strong recommendations from their teachers and specialists.  In addition, candidates must be good role models who have had few, if any, minor disciplinary referrals during their kindergarten through fourth grade years and must exemplify RAND expectations in the classroom and in common areas.  Safety Patrols take pride in their jobs and are clearly visible to both students and adults on campus, wearing their bright yellow vests or orange hats.  They help to monitor students’ movements in the hallways, in the cafeteria during breakfast, and in bus and carpool areas during dismissal.  Their primary jobs are to help students to move safely about campus and to encourage students to follow rules and expectations.  Safety Patrols report directly to Mr. Cornell any concerns for safety and student behaviors.